The business of finances. Our journey so far as Latino entrepreneurs.

The business of finances. Our journey so far as Latino entrepreneurs.

We knew the road to financial independence would not be an easy one, and we expected to hit more than a few bumps on the road. What we didn’t expect was that our lack of knowledge on simple things like how to register our business for tax purposes could make such a huge difference at the end of the year. The self employment tax is no joke, let me tell you. But that’s the thing – we’ve realized – that nobody teaches you about this stuff in our community. At least not in our families or the education system we grew up in. I didn’t take an economics class until high school, and even then what we learned had little to do with everyday wealth-building techniques or practices, much less with building a long term financial legacy. Those are things we have had to learn on our own, not too often the easy way. I guess that’s why they call it the school of hard knocks, right?

Bringing home the Tecla for Best Blogger Content Creator

I can honestly say I was not in the least bit expecting to win the Tecla Award I was nominated for this year at the annual Hispanicize event in Miami. I wasn’t even expecting a nomination, actually. When the news first broke on my newsfeed in the form of congratulatory posts from my friends and colleagues, I was just excited to even be on the same list as some of the bloggers I have long admired such as Crafty Chica out in Phoenix. The category was Best Blogger Content Creator, and I thought, “Nombre, I am not even that relevant anymore!” Pero when the moment came and the presenters of the category called out the name of the awardee I was the most shocked person in the room. After picking up my jaw from the floor and walking across the stage to the podium, I managed to mumble out a few words.

We are all strangers together

The writer in me is rejoicing at my apparent rediscovery of the written word. I just finished watching the documentary City of Gold, which basically chronicles the story and writing style of one Los Angeles based Pulitzer Prize winning food critic and writer, Mr. Jonathan Gold. It’s hard to explain […]

Pistachios for the win: A special invitation

Pistachios for the win: A special invitation

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Wonderful Pistachios and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Tonight I’m co-hosting a Twitter party with Wonderful Pistachios at 8 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. CST. And yes, there really is an opportunity for you to win some great prizes. […]

Who cares if the chisme is that good and it’s all about you?

Somebody is always going to not like you. Somebody is always going to want to compete with you. Someone is always going to have something to say about you. Someone is always going to criticize and complain. And what does that mean? What difference does it really make in your […]

Celebrating Cultura with two of our Favorites: Tacos & Tequila!

There’s something about getting out of your home after you haven’t done so in a while that’s kind of refreshing. New almost, as if you’re doing so for the very first time again. Especially if we are talking about a social event where you will be around others. It doesn’t […]

Because everything tastes better with chile

I’m not even kidding y’all. Literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G tastes better with a little chile. If it’s both sweet and spicy, even better. We buy these mango strips smothered in chile powder and tamarindo at the local Farmer’s Market in Houston, which has just about everything for sale. It’s the farmer’s market on Airline […]