A touch of Mexican pride in everyday fashion – #SoWorthIt

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JCPenney. All opinions are our own.

A touch of Mexican pride in everyday fashion - #SoWorthIt

Fashion, for me, has always been about self expression. From a very young age I can remember knowing that my sense of style was a little different from the norm. Where other young girls, and later teenagers, seemed to always be into the latest fashion trends, I always preferred the bigger, bolder, more colorful options I would come across in say places like the local thrift stores. My mother would call these segunda shops our version of the big box department stores.

It was what we could afford then, and over time those moments at second-hand stores really taught me a lot about appreciating the value of a great deal.

As I got older, what I chose to wear and how I chose to wear it became more about showing my personality, and about choosing items of clothing that were flattering on my figure, of course. My love of gaudy and grande never ceased, however.

I still love playing dress up with my hair and make up and wearing things that others might think twice about ever even purchasing.

It’s fun and it makes me feel good. That’s really how I make a lot of my fashion choices these days.

For me, feeling great is more important than being on trend ALWAYS! One of those things that makes me feel extra proud is my Mexican heritage. I adore all of the beautiful varieties of traditional dress across Mexico, and always make an effort to incorporate a little bit of that beauty into my wardrobe. This is especially true when I’m going to a nice event like a gala or a cocktail party. I don’t necessarily want to wear a traditional San Luis Potosi garment all the time, but every once in a while a nice accent piece makes me feel very connected to my roots.

For this Hispanic Heritage Month collaboration with JCPenney, I wanted to highlight a few beautiful Mexican pieces I’ve been holding on to in my collection for a little while. You know which ones I’m talking about. Those pieces that can turn heads and spark up great conversations about clothing and shopping. I love talking about both of those things as often as possible! Anyone who knows me, knows that much.

I also wanted to share how I like to mix and match new and not-so-new, modern and traditional, colors, and even accessories.

My top is actually a ballet folklorico blouse that I purchased a few years ago for a photo shoot. I love the details of it and wear it every couple of weeks or months.

A touch of Mexican pride in everyday fashion - #SoWorthIt

The pencil skirt I’m wearing was purchased at JCPenney. It’s by I Jeans By Buffalo. Juan always remembers I was wearing a pencil skirt on one of our first dates.

A touch of Mexican pride in everyday fashion - #SoWorthIt

The beautiful necklace is handmade and from Mexico. A couple of years ago during Hispanic Heritage Month I purchased it at a maker’s fair here in town. It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I own.

A touch of Mexican pride in everyday fashion - #SoWorthIt

My earrings by Decree were also purchased at JCPenney. I love big gold earrings, so these immediately caught my attention.

In my own way, this is my celebration of my culture and heritage this #HispanicHeritageMonth.

Do you incorporate a sense of cultural pride in your everyday wardrobe? #SoWorthIt

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