A tasty and simple meal for everyday: Lasagna with Meat & Sauce – #BalanceYourPlate #ad

This is part of a compensated campaign in collaboration with Stouffer’s and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. All opinions expressed are my own

A tasty and simple meal for everyday: Lasagna with Meat & Sauce - #BalanceYourPlate #ad
An easy and delicious meal for any day of the week.

To be quite honest, we’ve never really been that traditional when it comes to sharing our meals together as a family. Sure, when we’re together we eat together. Although that only happens around a dinner table every once in a while. Usually when we’re visiting family or friends. The rest of the time, it’s a little bit like organized chaos.

Now that I’ve given you that colorful visual let me explain.

No es que no disfrutemos estar juntos, it’s that we’re pretty comfortable just being comfortable. Because of habit I do generally like to sit at the table when I eat. Usually reading something online, browsing my phone, or just gathering my thoughts in silence. Edgar will join me from time to time, as will Anjelica, but they’re much more at home eating TV-dinner-style while watching something funny or family friendly in the living room. We’re still in the same room together – most of the time – just a little more spread out.

It works for us.

Since a few years ago now, the other thing about our meals that we’ve updated is what exactly we’re consuming. We don’t buy a lot of sweets. We don’t have a microwave at home so we don’t buy any microwaveable meals. We don’t buy sodas of any kind. Instead we opt for water or other less sugar-infused beverages. We do eat meat and dairy. We just prefer to find the best farm to table options available.

That’s not very hard to do at all these days.

Which is why this quick and easy meal idea seemed like the perfect one to share as something that you might find us breaking bread over on any given day. It’s Stouffer’s Family Size Lasagna with Meat & Sauce, and now it’s part of the company’s newly announced “Kitchen Cupboard” initiative. In a nutshell, Stouffer’s is shortening and simplifying some of its recipes so they only include ingredients that we as consumers can recognize and find at home. Think vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly made pasta, and real mozzarella.

Lasagna is one of our favorite family dishes.

A tasty and simple meal for everyday: Lasagna with Meat & Sauce - #BalanceYourPlate #ad
Lasagna is one meal we can all agree on.

We love pasta so lasagna just makes sense because you can make it whatever you want. In fact, I used to make a mean lasagna back in the day. I haven’t made it in a while, but Stouffer’s just makes it super convenient to pop that bad boy in the oven and be able to feed our entire little army! No, pero en serio, the fact that we can get an individual or family-sized lasagna to go and to pair with any sides we choose is something we take advantage of at least once a month.

Because it’s pasta and tomato sauce, our side dish of choice is usually a salad. The freshness of a good spinach salad is the perfect balance for a hearty meal.

A tasty and simple meal for everyday: Lasagna with Meat & Sauce - #BalanceYourPlate #ad
A quick spinach salad with other fresh ingredients.

A tasty plate like this one will usually inspire us to sit around the table together.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Stouffer’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

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