Ghost stories for Halloween

Yes, I know it sounds crazy. Like really crazy if you don’t believe in ghosts, but this did actually happen to me… and the rest of my family. It was in Mexico back when I was only a kid. I must have been like 10 or 11. 

We were walking over to my grandmother’s house, which was literally about half a mile from my parent’s home in the rancho. We didn’t have electricity in those days so picture it pitch black, except for the flashlights we were holding to light the way. 

All of the sudden when we got to the lagoon in between our home and hers, there it was. A floating white body that had no legs, arms or face. When we moved, it moved. Literally across one side of the lagoon to the other. There was a small hill that curved along the body of water and on top of that hill is where the ghost was floating! 

As you can imagine, we were all scared beyond words. Nobody said anything at all. We each clung to the person walking immediately next to us and tried to walk as calmly as possible. Only when we had made it past the gate and into my grandmother’s property did we begin to talk about what had just happened. To our discomfort every single one of us had seen the exact same thing. 

That, of course, led to even more ghost stories from our cousins and aunts. As we sat around in the dark with only a fire lighting the night, they seemed to really get a kick out of telling us stories about all of the ghosts they and everyone else they knew had ever seen. I still get goosebumps thinking about it! 

On the way back, wouldn’t you believe it, the same thing happened again. The same floating body appeared and moved along the side of the lagoon with us. Once it made it across it just seemed to disappear. That night is forever engraved in our memories. We can’t ever talk about it without feeling a little uncomfortable even if we are laughing at how crazy the experience was. We also like to laugh about how we were all rendered speechless both times, and how now when people ask us if we believe in ghosts we can’t help but to say yes. 

Yes, because we’ve actually seen one with our own eyes! 

Have you ever seen a ghost? 

Ghost stories for Halloween

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