Lo Prometido Es Deuda

What’s Promised Is Debt


It is!  No matter how we paint it.  There is something about making a promise that makes our word official.  A challenge almost to the authenticity of our intentions:  whether we are genuinely committing or merely amusing ourselves with false words.  And truth be told, there is nothing worse than feeling we’ve been lied to, taken advantage of, ridiculed and made to feel like a fool.  To the extreme that very rarely will someone who engages in making false promises be taken seriously, by anyone.

On the flip side there’s is also nothing worse than not being able to keep our word. 

No eres hombre de palabra / You are not a man of your word! How many of us have not felt the sting of that statement?  Yet the reality is, be it by circumstances within or beyond our control, on certain occasions we just aren’t able to follow through with the things we’ve committed to, no matter how much we may or may not want to.

So many times the intention is there.  Just not the ability or capabilities to make something happen.  When I grow up I’m going to build you a huge house somewhere, One day we are going to be rich, I promise never to fall in love again, Life is never going to change me, a few of my own many unkept promises throughout the years.  The latter the most ridiculous of course because time and age are ruthless and relentless in provoking transformation.

Years, if nothing else, inculcate shame; experience, pain; obliging in us the sense to know that false words are little more than weapons.  Weapons that in the end, no matter how we choose to use them, hurt us more than anyone else.

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