El Chavo Del Ocho Store Haul

El Chavo Del Ocho Store Haul

I’ve always been a huge fan of El Chavo Del Ocho. It’s probably one of the first Spanish-language television shows my entire family fell in love with. By that, I mean my entire family on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. It didn’t matter if we were at home in our apartment watching Chespirito in Houston, or if we were sitting around the black and white television in el rancho with all of our cousins, just laughing at the hilarious entertainment that ensued. El Chavo Del Ocho is still one of my all time favorite television shows.

It’s so timeless, in fact, that Edgar and I also enjoyed watching the show together many moons later.

This week, I had the huge privilege to receive at my doorstep a big box of goodies from Grupo Chespirito. As you might imagine, this included a bunch of show-themed items likes tee-shirts, caps, socks, and even mobile phone cases. All bright and colorful products that a week earlier I had selected myself from the El Chavo Store online.

I knew this package was coming, but when it got here I just couldn’t contain my excitement. I literally tore through the box and inventoried every single item inmediatamente. It was pretty hilarious.

Once I composed myself again, I recorded the following video to show you – alright to show off a little too – all of the items that completely made my week this week!

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