What’s Going On With The Women of Música Regional Mexicana?!

Jenni Rivera and Las Horoscopo de Durango at Premios de la Radio
Arrested. The Terraza sisters in Florida.

O sea, we all know our mujeres no se dejan ¡ca&*$nes! …but lately there seems to be so much controversy surrounding our leading ladies of música regional mexicana.  Exhibit A: Who hasn’t heard about the very tragic and just plain sad pleito between Jenni Rivera and her daughter?  All supposedly over a man.  Her now estranged husband no less.  I’m not even going to go there.  Suffice it to say I hope mother and daughter can work things out.  You can read some of their Twitter exchanges below.

Now, over the weekend – and we can call this Exhibit B – Las Horoscopos de Durango somehow managed to get themselves arrested at their own concert (video below) for allegedly inciting a riot in Okeechobee County in Florida.  The singing sisters were reportedly defending a couple of their 1,600 concert attendees who had gotten into a brawl with each other and were being intervened by security at the venue.  Before it was all over one of the cops had been hit by a full can of beer in the head and another had been kicked in the groin by one of the Terrazas sisters.  Can anyone say corrido in the making?  I’m just saying.

Now all we need is for Paquita La Del Barrio to get krunk on somebody!

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