Yeah, Jenni Rivera Is Getting A Divorce – Don’t Hate!

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That’s it for Jenni and Esteban. They’re getting a divorce.

¡Pobre!  That’s what I think about La Diva De La Banda, and the big news today about her divorce from baseball player Esteban Loaiza.  After just over 24 months of marriage, El Gordo y La Flaca broke the news today that the reality TV couple had filed for divorce.  While it is unfortunate.  It’s not really that surprising for a celebrity couple.  What was kind of refreshing – though not so much so for Jenni, since she is always tweeting sin pelos en la lengua – was her response.  Posted on Facebook, this is what she had to say on her page:

Amigos, Fan’s a lo largo de mi vida siempre he sido honesta y hoy no será la excepción. Entiendo que las palabras que aquí se mencionan pueden tener varias interpretaciones, pero les pido no hacer un escándalo donde no lo hay, el asunto es muy sencillo, es un divorcio como cualquier otro… a todos mis seguidores les hago el compromiso que daré el esfuerzo que siempre me ha caracterizado para seguir siendo una madre que lucha y defiende a sus hijos, así como una artista que se entrega completamente en los escenarios… A los medios de comunicación, les pido entiendan que no quiero hablar más del tema porque así lo decidí y así se lo pedí a Esteban, con lo que él estuvo de acuerdo… Para mí no es un fracaso, sino un paso más en mi vida, una experiencia que me deja la enseñanza para mejorar y salir adelante como siempre lo he hecho… esta decisión es algo muy difícil para todos los involucrados por lo que les pido respeto y comprensión

In English.  In a nutshell.  “I am getting a divorce.  It’s not anybody’s business.  Leave us alone about it.  And let’s all move on.”

Well.  That’s pretty much that.

Better luck next time, Diva!

21 thoughts on “Yeah, Jenni Rivera Is Getting A Divorce – Don’t Hate!

  1. Come on. This is bs. Jenni is acussing esteban of sleeping with her daughter chiquis. She also accused her best friend elena of having a sexual relationship with chiquis. Elena used to stay with with jenni. See them together lately. What a joke. Jenni is the biggest phoney there is. Has any checked her claim that she has a degree. A degree in what. Thats a lie. She did some bs confession at a church that she got prenant by her first husband but she did not know how. That she had no idea what a penis was. This is from the biggest slut on the planet. Her whole family is a joke and they do everything to make money. She is afraud and a fake. Just take a look

    1. Fake please u pinche eva! grow up and grow some balls as a woman! u sure did time to try to do some homework on jenni wow u sure did fail i hate to even be ur friend in life for u to hate on some one great people like u need a hug of love!

  2. At her daughters recent wedding. They were all upset with each other. They dont talk anymore. The bride was given aw ay by her manager. Anyone heard of the word difunctional. This family is completely screwed up. She has been having sex with one of her band members for eight month. Pechanga. Right jenni. Remember. Poor esteban. Good looking guy married to this phoney, fat wanna be singer. She lips sings most of her songs.

  3. Defender a sus hijos. Her kids were raised by a nanny. Thats why they are all f…. Up. Has anyone noticed what a weird kid her younger son is. Is she kiddind. Esteban was the best thing that happened to those kids. Has any body ever done the math. This fake jenni is alwas out of town. When is she home to be a mother. Oh yes. That sutpid reality show. Has anyone really watched it. Where is cps. Can someone say abuse. If you are a fan. Do u really want to follow this examle. Omg……. Does anybody know where chiquis is. Jenni la diva. Its more like jenni the monster

  4. you know she isnt the first or the last, whether she is a slut as some put or not, she has worked all herlife to be where she is, and to see how people would puther down is beyond me, i also went thru a divorce and boy how people can talk, but do they stop and look at thier lives no! to me you go girl, and the hell with everyone else. do what you have to?


  6. if you dont like jenni dont be taking time to comment its her life her decisions so go find sumthin else to do instead of talk shit

  7. Stop hating on her you guys are a bunch of metiches and chismosos pero bien que you aree watching her reality show. You guys are giving her ratings and making her a grip of money you bunch of chumps you guys that are bad mouthing her and her bombass career that she worked hard for.You are a bunch of jealous people. Family problems come to everybody rich,poor and middleclass no matter how much you are there for your family,drama happens to everybody. so keep on talking about her and make her more famous than what she already is she will be laughing her ass to the bank while you guys are still hating.

  8. I loved Jenni…she is a fabulous singer and a beautiful woman…she was a good mother and tried to be a good wife. Shame on Esteban and Chiquis….

  9. wow i was reading all this pinche crap que this bitches talkl about a great woman..and u eve loca really? i would like to see u work ur ass off and feel what it is to fight and stand be strong as a woman with kids. i laugh at u because Karma! dont be disrespecting jenni may she be in peace! and her children u r nothing but a ugly hater..u must feel good relieving all ur stress on someone who will always be a great woman to us latinas!

  10. Shame on you who speak badly about Jenni. Nor Jenni when she was alive or her family now ask any of you for a damn thing. Pray for yourselves because none of you are perfect and ask God to make you all a better person. STAY OUT OF HER PAGE……………..

  11. Jenni was a great mom. She was singing just to support her family.. She went from living in a garage to a beautiful mansion. She worked hard for her money. She loved and adored her fans. She wasnt a wanabe! And eventho ppl call her fat she was PROUD of her curves and didn’t give a shit what any1 thought about her!
    So what her songs are remakes from older ones give me a break ALOT of singers do that bud! Get over urself and stop hating on the Diva…

  12. Omg you are such a hater.. Jenni DID NOT LIP SYNC ! She LOVED to show off her pipes! She is a very loving person and didn’t give a SHIT about u haters…
    She did this to support her family who are u to judge asshole. If u don’t like her then dont speak about her.. how u gunna hate on sum1 that’s dead?! SHAME ON U

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