So, Is Marc Anthony’s ‘Porque Les Mientes’ About JLO?!

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Marc Anthony and a suspiciously JLO-esque looking model.

So, not to be Metiche or anything, buuuut… is Marc Anthony’s new song about his ex, Jennifer Lopez?!  It sure does sound like it and ¡ay carajo! does it sting!

In ‘Porque Les Mientes,’ also featuring Tito El Bambino, Marc Anthony – formerly Mr. Jenny From The Block – uses some pretty strong language to tell his ex that he’s more than just fine… you know, now after their divorce.

In fact, he quite literally sings:

A esa que tú sueles ofender
Supo darme más que tú
Que eras mi mujer y aunque a ella
La llamas por otro nombre
De ella soy su hombre y hoy ella es mi mujer 

He goes on to question…

¿Por qué les mientes?
Y te vendes como víctima inocente
Sabiendo que me tratabas
Como nada ante la gente
En cambio yo no a ti
Yo que le pedía hasta al viento
Que algún día valoraras mi amor
Tú mataste el sentimiento
Me cansé de la tristeza y de dolor
Hoy ya todo es diferente tengo a alguien que valora
Y que comprende lo que sufre un corazón
Alguien que no juzga, que no justifica que no busca excusas
Alguien que dialoga para encontrar la solución
En cambio tú a nadie le cuentas la verdad 


Pure coincidence you say, pues checa the video and tell me that model doesn’t look La Diva Del Bronx.

Hmm… maybe it is a good thing the stars never aligned for Ms. Lopez and me??

What do you think?  Is this Marc’s way of telling La Lopez “¡chingate!” or is it just another awesomely good song from the boricua crooner?

Me, I think it’s both!

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2 thoughts on “So, Is Marc Anthony’s ‘Porque Les Mientes’ About JLO?!

  1. Artists often draw upon their real life experiences for their lyrics, so I’d guess that there is definitely some J.Lo hidden in there, perhaps blended with some other past relationships of his. Either way, the song has a lot of passion and came out hot.

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