Jenni Rivera… Kilos Lighter!

Jenni Rivera weight loss pierde peso juanofwords
What is Jenni Rivera doing to lose so much weight?

What in the world is going on with Jenni Rivera?!  Not that it’s any of my business or anything, pero como que ya está bien skinny la condenada.  I follow La Diva de la Banda on both Twitter and Facebook, and since a couple of weeks ago I had been noticing she kind of looked thinner in the pictures she was uploading.  Now, having finally looked at a couple of pictures of Jenni from just a couple of months ago, the remarkable difference is pretty undeniable.  She looks good, pero como que I liked the Jenni with more meat on her bones.

What do you think?  Did Jenni get lipo, is she just exercising and eating right, or is it something else?  Do you like her better flaca or rellenita?

Could it finally be time for the @Balleni_Rivera Twitter account to retire?

7 thoughts on “Jenni Rivera… Kilos Lighter!

  1. I think she looks great either way but good for her if she’s working on her health. We Latinas are more susceptible to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease so kudos to her!

  2. Juan, you can’t be this naive. Of course she had some lipo, and I bet that as long as she was getting lipo in legs and stomach, she could finish it up while doing the neck. She’s got money, time and in LA I bet she could go anywhere with a disguise…

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