New Music from 3BallMty… Minus The Botas Picudas

3ballmty collective
3ballMty Collective

I kind of liked the botas picudas.  It was sort of refreshing to see such a young band doing something so different to represent our cultura.  Yet, as these things tend to happen, especially when we’re talking about such an innovative new music as is the whole música tribal guarachero movement, it wasn’t like it was unexpected.  On these two new tracks, released just this week for their sophomore album slated to hit stores by the end of this year, the three young men that make up the 3BallMTY Collective are bringing yet another new look and feel to the genre of music.

Gone are the Mexican pointy boots that were such an attention grabber on their first international hit Intentalo.  Replaced instead by lots of young people dressed in more H&M-ish attire and dancing to music you’d likely find playing at clubs with names like El Bravo here in Houston.  The music itself has sort of a new twist as well.  Reportedly a more European infused sound, according to reports from Spanish-language media.

3BallMty – more deejays than singers, the band members themselves have pointed out – have reconnected with América Sierra for the new track Besos Al Aire, more of a Euro infused dance pop, while for Baile de Amor they have collaborated with Joss Favela.  The latter is more of a traditional guarachero sound.  The two tracks were released simultaneously to satisfy all of their fans for either genre across the globe.  What do you think?  Are you digging their new sound?

2 thoughts on “New Music from 3BallMty… Minus The Botas Picudas

  1. love good mexican music! and the young ones especially! listen to los enmascarados too, if you get a chance- saw them in San Antonio 5 de Mayo a few years ago~ Hijole!!!

    1. I’ve heard of them, though I need to look them up to really recall their music… but you’re right. It’s great to see what all this young new talent is coming up with. They’re making us change!

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