Tribute to Selena at Billboard Latin Music Awards to feature Jennifer Lopez

Well now we have to watch the Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 30! Entertainment Weekly is reporting Telemundo and Jennifer Lopez have confirmed the singer and actress will once again reprise her role as the late Queen of Tejano music during this year’s live awards show. If that’s not a […]

Jennifer Lopez on Selena

This interview pretty much sums it up. It’s very hard to believe it’s been two decades since Selena‘s tragic departure in 1995. In fact this March 31st will mark the 20th anniversary of her passing. Latina magazine caught up with Jennifer Lopez and asked her about the upcoming anniversary of […]

New Music: Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull Do It Again!

They’re back y’all!  Not that the dynamic duo had gone anywhere to begin with.  Pero, fijense nada más… as a diehard Jenny from the Block fan (y’all already knew that right) I have to say this is probably my favorite music video from La Diva Del Bronx so far.  JLO […]

Jennifer Lopez Will Return To Television!

Not on American Idol – Mariah Carey and Niki Minaj can have at it trying to rescue that show, sans La Lopez – and not even on screen herself.  Instead, fresh off of just recently being named one of the world’s most powerful women, JLO is looking to take her […]

Of Course I’m Going To See Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias – You Can Too!

First off, y’all know I’m excited about going to see my Jenny from the Block live and in concert!  You can roll your eyes now.  Ya sé that many of you already are.  Is okei!  Last time she came – yes, I paid to see her then too – she […]

Hot New Music Video for Jennifer Lopez on ‘Goin In’

Well, there aren’t really a lot of words necessary for this one.  Jennifer.  Lopez.  New video.  ‘Goin in.’  ¡¡MUY CALIENTE!!  But you should still check out that last picture.  The one with the side by side of JLO.  That was her in 1999 on the left, and her now, in […]

Jennifer Lopez as Carmen Sandiego: Can You Dig It?

She’s one of the world’s most beloved computer game characters of all time.  But could one of the world’s most famous Latinas of all time bring Carmen Sandiego to life?  I’m talking, of course, about boricua Jennifer Lopez, who is currently signed on as one of the producers of the forthcoming Where In […]

Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez Deny On Set Drama

Their new movie together, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, opens this weekend, but this week on Ellen, Latina A-listers Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz seemed more concerned about quashing rumors that the two could not stand each other on set.  They claim they were completely false. Jennifer said: “I […]