Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez Deny On Set Drama

Their new movie together, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, opens this weekend, but this week on Ellen, Latina A-listers Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz seemed more concerned about quashing rumors that the two could not stand each other on set.  They claim they were completely false.

Jennifer Lopez Cameron Diaz deny on set drama what to expect when you're expecting
The pair say this is as close to cat fighting as they have ever come, on or off set.

Jennifer said:

“I hadn’t even seen her… Gosh!  Give us a chance to get in the room.”

Cameron said:

“It’s always like that.  They always want women to be cat fighting.  We live in such a misogynistic, chauvinistic (society) – especially the media itself, is like always pinning women against one another…”

There was also a reference to how guys are never accused of having “sword fights” on set, with some pretty hilarious hand gestures from Cameron.

Coincidentally, this week, I also came across this blog post that makes the case that for women “getting angry is socially unacceptable.”

What do you think?  Do we want to see women fighting amongst each other?  And is it okay for a women to get mad in our society?

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