Jennifer Lopez on Selena

This interview pretty much sums it up. It’s very hard to believe it’s been two decades since Selena‘s tragic departure in 1995. In fact this March 31st will mark the 20th anniversary of her passing.

Latina magazine caught up with Jennifer Lopez and asked her about the upcoming anniversary of the Tejano legend who she so famously portrayed in the biopic about her life. That was also the film that propelled JLo into stardom. Her response was very much on point:

“It was such an important time in my life and movie in my life. Not so much because I got to play her role, but because I got to learn about her, and I feel like it taught me so much to play her at that time in my career. How to navigate through this business, with a lot of laughter and a lot of heart.”

Great answer, Jenny from the Block!

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