Of Course I’m Going To See Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias – You Can Too!

First off, y’all know I’m excited about going to see my Jenny from the Block live and in concert!  You can roll your eyes now.  Ya sé that many of you already are.  Is okei!  Last time she came – yes, I paid to see her then too – she was prego with the twins, and well, she just couldn’t dance around as much as I’m assuming she will this time.  So to some degree, I’m a little more excited about seeing her this time, than before.

state farm jennifer lopez enrique iglesias sweepstakes juanofwords
I’m going to see JLO and what’s his face too!

She is looking better than ever you know!

Además, who can complain when State Farm and Latina Bloggers Connect are treating one to this concert, totalmente free, here in my hometown!  The price is definitely right, jaja!  Pero bueno, that’s not the only good news.  You all can enter for a chance to win the “State Farm® JLO & Enrique Sweepstakes” también!  What is that?  You might ask.  Only the chance to meet both super estrellas in person at their Miami concert, and to obviously see them in concert there also.  State Farm will fly you there y toda la cosa.  Not too shabby, eh?

Bueno, but before this starts sounding more like another one of my crazed fan posts in worship to La Lopez – if you know me, you know there are lots of those on this blog – here’s all you have to do to enter.  Just go to the State Farm Latino Facebook Page and enter before August 20, 2012.  You can also enter for this sweepstakes in person at your local JLO-Enrique concert this summer. 

Nomás look for the State Farm booths there.

Latino music has always been a huge influence in my life.  From the classic artists of yesteryear to the urban and hip hop sounds of today, there really aren’t many artists en español that I can’t appreciate.  JLO and Enrique Iglesias are among my favorites. 

A ver si nos vemos en el concierto!

2 thoughts on “Of Course I’m Going To See Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias – You Can Too!

  1. Well some people had to pay for it lol! I saw them in Montreal. J.Lo is an Entertainer; the clothing, the dancing, the music and the accent, I loved it all!! I was also glad she performed a lot of her old songs because I’m not a big fan of her new music. On the other hand, I thought Enrique was boring and culturally speaking, not very relevant!…

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