An afternoon with Kate Del Castillo in Houston

An afternoon with Kate Del Castillo in Houston
Photo credit: Nicole of Lipstick and Brunch

To say that I’m a fan of Kate Del Castillo is probably an understatement. Alright, it’s definitely an understatement. I’d say she’s probably right up there on my list of movie stars who I think are amazing… right after JLO I would say, LOL!

I mean not to sound like a total creeper or anything, but after Kate turned into La Reina Del Sur a few years ago she could no longer do any wrong. No en serio, she is an excellent actress, and I really admire the fact that she’s so vocal about her opinions and the representation of Latinos in Hollywood.

So last week she was in Houston to promote her Tequila Honor line, and we had the chance to share a quick lunch with her at a media event. This was actually my second time meeting Kate in person. I first met her a few years ago when she was in Houston to promote another business partnership with a brand. She was graceful then, and she was just as entertaining to be around this time.

Of course, being el metiche que soy, I couldn’t let her get away from me without asking her about her opinions about Election 2016. Here’s what La Reina Del Sur had to say:

So yeah, this was fun.

Until next time, Kate! 🙂

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