PreK12 Plaza introduces the eBook Plaza App – #ebookPlaza #sp

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When he was younger it was so much easier. I would tell him no and he would listen. We would say “tell us in Spanish,” and he would. Then eventually came the moment when he decided it was okay to communicate with us in both English and Spanish, and we agreed. It’s not that we didn’t want him to be bilingual. We do, and he is for the most part. What we didn’t want to do was force the relationship between him and our native language. I’ve actually written at length about the trials and tribulations of raising a bilingual kid here.

Growing up, my own parents never forced Spanish on us. We understood it because it was part of who we were, and because we used it in everyday life. The same could be said about our experience with the English language. We learned it, because we needed it to function in the society where we lived.

PreK12 Plaza introduces the eBook Plaza App - #ebookPlaza #sp

I kind of want his relationship to both languages to be just as organic. And hey, if he wants to learn any more languages too, even better!

What we didn’t have in the early years was a lot of technology to support our bilingual education efforts. Sure, there was Spanish-language programming online and on broadcast, but that’s not the same as something more interactive. Something more interactive is what I discovered in the new eBook Plaza App by PreK12 Plaza.

PreK12 Plaza introduces the eBook Plaza App - #ebookPlaza #sp

This new, fully bilingual, free app, offers parents, children, and even educators access to a ton of English- and Spanish-language educational content right in the palm of your hand.

PreK12 Plaza introduces the eBook Plaza App - #ebookPlaza #sp

I downloaded the app myself, and after playing with it a bit found myself pretty excited to share it with friends and family. Edgar seemed to enjoy the variety of content too.

PreK12 Plaza introduces the eBook Plaza App - #ebookPlaza #sp

Once you download and open the app, you can navigate content for age groups from PreK to 12th grade. It’s all neatly organized, and very easy to navigate. You’ll also find great resources for parents and teachers + you can personalize the app with a personal profile.

PreK12 Plaza introduces the eBook Plaza App - #ebookPlaza #sp

The eBook Plaza app is available for free at iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace. Additional information and downloads are available at: PreK12Plaza (English) or Plaza Bilingüe (Spanish). Download the app today and try it for yourself.

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Now if you want to hear more about the eBook Plaza App from others who have used it extensively, make sure you join us for the Bilingual eBook Plaza App Twitter Party on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 8:30 p.m. ET / 7:30 p.m. CT. Just use the hashtags #ebookplaza and #plazabilingue to participate!

PreK12 Plaza introduces the eBook Plaza App - #ebookPlaza #sp

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