The joys of summer

We took this picture the other day. It was actually a couple of weeks ago now. The beginning of the summer to be exact. Since then the entire summer has kind of been flying by.

In a matter of another couple of weeks another school year will begin. With that, come the inevitable growing pains of growing up. Both for him and for us. It just seems no matter how much you prepare for this role of being a parent you can’t ever really be prepared for your kid actually doing what he is supposed to do, grow up.

From one day to the next they are walking, talking, then going to school. Before you know it, you’re talking about things like responsibilities and commitments, telling them about the things that are right and wrong, considering when you might need to start teaching him how to drive, etc. You get the picture. It all happens so fast.

And all we can really do is try our best and try to enjoy every moment.

Here’s to enjoying the rest of this summer.


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