Cuando la vida te da limones…

Well the saying goes that you make limonada… but what about if you decide to take a completely different detour?

I mean quien dice that going down the beaten path is the best way to go anyway? Who knows? We may be feeling a bit too existential lately, so toma esto with a grain of salt. Or several, maybe.

La verdad is that try as we may to deny it, we are not really getting any younger. I know big shocker. ¡Tan jovenes que nos vemos! Pero that’s besides the point. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and take a moment (maybe lots of moments) to really evaluate TODO. 

And that’s kind of where we are at the moment. Brainstorming. Thinking. Considering. Looking at all the possibilities.

And maybe pronto making some kind of decision.

¿Quién sabe? 

As the young’uns might say, Y.O.L.O. 🙂

Cuando la vida te da limones...
Mason Jar with Lemons and Nutmeg by Unsplash

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