Need relief for the hump day blues? We have a cure!

Need relief for the hump day blues? We have a cure!

That cure comes in the form of a Friday… also known as FriYAY by many. And this particular Friday is the day the movie “The Boss” will be released.

We had the opportunity to watch a preview of The Boss recently, and it was hilarious. The always witty Melissa McCarthy takes you down the road of laughter and entertainment, using and provoking very colorful language along the way. Her use of it is as unapologetic as our love for tacos… no subtitles needed because it is understood in every language.

In the movie, she plays a millionaire who loses it all after an insider trading deal gone bad. And through all the great comedy in the film, she finds the true reasons for relationships, past the allure of just making money.

My advice. Go watch. Like seriously get up and go.

Out in theaters this FriYAY!

We give it 4 out of 5 tacos.


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