Don’t Forget To Show Off Your Pá!! – #JuneFotoOfTheDay

Hey folks, so the #JuneFotoOfTheDay has been going pretty padre so far thanks to all of your support.  We’re up to well over 200 pictures – thank you for that!! – and I just wanted to remind you of the very special date tomorrow is for our photo of the day challenge.  It’s time to show off the fathers in our lives!

junefotooftheday challenge for latinos fathers day
Show off the fathers in your life today!

Whether it’s your own father, your husband, your brother, your uncle, your abuelo, or any other man in your life who you want to recognize and celebrate for Father’s Day, just use the following words and hashtag on the social media website of your choice to honor them:

Day 17: Mi Pá… #JuneFotoOfTheDay

Here are some examples from others and from days past on Instagram.

And have a great Father’s Day everyone!!

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