Manzanas Enchiladas: Chile & Tamarind Spiced Apples

Last Saturday we ran into these apples at our local Matamoros Meat Market.  We were there picking up a couple of fajita, chicken and chicharron tacos – oh, chicharron tacos are the best, though they don’t really fill me up as fast – and we were just about to pay, when Anjelica tapped me on the shoulder and said “hey look at this?”  At first, I was a little confused.  “What is that?”  I responded.  Then, it hit me.

“Oh they’re chile apples…”

Well actually, they’re called Manzanas Enchiladas.  Otherwise known as Chile and Tamarind Spiced Apples, and as it turns out, they are quite the popular treat.  Like so many other popular mexicanadas, these apples are covered in chile powder too.  I have always said the best things in life are covered in spice!

Manzanas Enchiladas Chile and Tamarind Spiced Apples
Manzanas Enchiladas.

Of course, I also had to figure out how to make these babies.  This video below was the best one I could find with step by step instructions.  The audio is in Spanish, but the recipe and instructions are graphically presented in English.  I’m definitely tempted to give the recipe a try.  How about you?

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