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Awesome Mexican Snacks: Piña con Tajin… Like a lot of it!

Today’s post is pretty gratuitous.  It’s hot in Texas.  Like hot.  Real hot.  Hot, hot, hot.  ¡Caliente!  To quote Anjelica, I mean.  So what better way to beat the heat that by enjoying some awesome Mexican snacks. Today’s offering is piña con Tajin.  Believe me it’s delicious! Just cut up […]

Cactus Tortillas (de Nopal) – Who Knew?

Seriously?!  I had no idea there was such a thing!  Bueno, maybe I’m just behind the times.  That’s very likely, considering most of the time I’m all on the late show trying to tell somebody about something “new” they’ve already known about “forever.”  Whatever the case, you have to admit […]

Manzanas Enchiladas: Chile & Tamarind Spiced Apples

Last Saturday we ran into these apples at our local Matamoros Meat Market.  We were there picking up a couple of fajita, chicken and chicharron tacos – oh, chicharron tacos are the best, though they don’t really fill me up as fast – and we were just about to pay, […]

Easy Snacks for the Summer: Mexican Corn – ‘Elote’

Summertime means it’s time to ponerlos las pilas as adults, and parents.  It’s the time of the year when most our kids are sitting at home saying things like I’m hungry!  I’m bored.  Can we go somewhere?   And to which we can only reply nicely so many times.  So […]