Sharable Moments: Oops… that’s piña colada!

Last week we had the opportunity to stay at a nearby resort. A local blogger group was hosting a one night special as part of their tour of this R&R facility about an hour away from where we live. Of course, we immediately jumped at the opportunity because hey, the rate was only one third of the regular price. That’s a deal no matter which way you look at it.

Anyway, we’d been there about an hour or two. Juan and Edgar were in the water; the swimming pool to be exact. They did have a lazy river too, but it wasn’t moving fast enough so they jumped out and opted for the pool instead.

At that point Juan decided a cocktail sounded right about perfect. We ordered one and he took another lap around the pool while the waitress brought the piña colada back to us. Just as she placed it down Edgar decided he was thirsty and needed something to drink. Before we could blink he had taken a big old sip of the piña colada and exclaimed “this drink is GOOD!”

Our gut reaction was to snatch and scold. Then we all laughed. Right before jumping in the pool again, Edgar asked very concerned… “wait, am I drunk now?”

¡UFF! #ParentingFail

Sharable Moments: Oops… that’s piña colada!

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