Foto Of The Day Challenge – #SeptemberFotoOfTheDay

If you liked August’s Foto Of The Day Challenge, you’re going to love September’s new list!  Fresh off the presses, this new list is brought to you by none other than the beautiful and very creative Anjelica, mi esposa for those of you that still don’t know.  She always has […]

New Photo a Day Challenge for Latinos: #JulyFotoOfTheDay

So I think I learned some lessons with the first Foto Of The Day Challenge, this month.  For one thing, my daily photo challenge ideas could have been a little bit better.  The other main thing, was that I should have given you all more time to decide whether you […]

Don’t Forget To Show Off Your Pá!! – #JuneFotoOfTheDay

Hey folks, so the #JuneFotoOfTheDay has been going pretty padre so far thanks to all of your support.  We’re up to well over 200 pictures – thank you for that!! – and I just wanted to remind you of the very special date tomorrow is for our photo of the […]

Photo a Day Challenge for Latinos: #JuneFotoOfTheDay

So I thought it would be fun to do a very personalized Photo of the Day Challenge for myself this month since I have been wanting to participate in one of these forever.  My thinking here was why not just come up with a list of the things I’d want […]