Did Jenni Rivera Deliver at the Latin Billboards?

La Diva de La Banda walked out just as she had walked in, empty handed from the Billboard Latin Music Awards last week.  After losing in the in the Mexican Regional category, where she was the only female nominated, to Gerardo Ortiz, Jenni literally put her best foot forward in her very stellar performance of her tracks.

jenni rivera billboard music awards 2012
La Diva De La Banda, Jenni Rivera

She was singing a ballad from her most recent studio production, La Gran Señora, and there was definitely no doubt who La Gran Señora was from the moment she stepped on the red carpet.  The crowds went wild yelling incessantly “Jenni! Jenni! Jenni!”  I had hoped to get an interview with her as she’s a favorite among many women in my family, but had decided it wasn’t going to happen as her entourage whisked her through the red carpet the first time around.  At this point I’d only managed to sneak a picture of La Diva from afar.  Then, the next thing I knew she was right there next to me wrapping up an interview for TV.  I yelled her name and this is what I got:

Now, what do you think, did she deliver on her promise?  Did you enjoy her show?  This is her full performance at the Billboard Awards:

One thing’s for sure, her fans like me – I’m more a fan of Jenni on her Mun2 reality show I Love Jenni – were certainly satisfied with her delivery.

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