The Latino Advantage: 5 Lessons to Learn From Election 2012

This morning I couldn’t help but cry for a couple of minutes.  I’m usually never emotional about things like politics, the president or anything else related to the White House.  This morning, however, as I looked at myself in the mirror, all despeinado while brushing my teeth and trying to […]

#LATISM12: Work, Work, Friends, a Wardrobe Malfunction & More Work!

I’m kind of sad it’s all over.  Although at the same time I’m pretty excited about finally being able to bring my life back to some kind of normalcy.  For the last couple of weeks, contrary to what I had planned for myself, my life had literally been taken over […]

pecados y milagros lila downs juanofwords

Road Trip Music: Lila Downs ‘Pecados y Milagros’

You know how some people sing in the shower?  Pues, I do it in the car.  There’s something about driving down the open road that just makes me want to belt out notes like I can actually hit them.  The blasting speakers always make it seem like I can. Right […]

Write The Caption: Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012

It’s Monday.  And at least I’m still recuperating from the weekend… and pues, you know, looking forward to the next one, which is a holiday.  ¡Ajuaa!  I don’t know about you, but I could definitely use the break.  So why not have a little fun this very unproductive Monday afternoon […]

Did Jenni Rivera Deliver at the Latin Billboards?

La Diva de La Banda walked out just as she had walked in, empty handed from the Billboard Latin Music Awards last week.  After losing in the in the Mexican Regional category, where she was the only female nominated, to Gerardo Ortiz, Jenni literally put her best foot forward in […]