¡Puras Rolas! Bailale…

Few things in the world can put a little two step in your day like a little Mexican music in the morning.  Y’all know what time it is!  It’s Tejano Tuesday raza and this one is all about the great music of years gone by… long, long ago, for some of us!  And great news!  This time we’re adding norteñas to the mix!

'La Banda del Carro Rojo' featuring Mário Almada & Los Tigres Del Norte

Here in Texas, Tejano, Conjunto, Norteñas, y mucho más… Mexican music in general, continues to be a lifestyle.  I can’t tell you how many Tex-Mex dances our high school hosted over the years.  We paid good money to attend those things!  All of five dollars, si no mal recuerdo, LOL!  Nowadays, nombre, that Tribal music doesn’t compare at all to what we had going on.  But rather than continuing to date myself, mejor let’s just jam together to some of these hits!

You ‘member them, right!?

The music featured in this post was collected from a series a tweets about TejanoTuesdays collected online from interactions with Juan of Words.  

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