Call for Nominations – SXSWi for the Revolucionario Awards

Recognizing and awarding visionaries and change-makers in the online comunidad at the official Latino event at SXSW Interactive, The Social Revolución… how could one resist being a part of that!?  More than anything else I was so excited to hear something like this was finally taking place.  ¡Enhorabuena!  The Social Media landscape has opened the door to so many new talented faces in our comunidad that it’s about time we started celebrating them as well!

The Social Revolución

These awards, however, aren’t just a prize for gaining a lot of followers and shooting the breeze with them.  They are meant to honor individuals, groups, organizations, and/or brands with the ganas to inspire change online and off, and well, we all ultimately have the power to nominate revolucionarios for consideration.   Whether they have 10 followers or 10,000 fans, The Revolucionario, as the nominees are identified, ignites change and, with that, embodies the cry of the The Social Revolución!

How Do You Nominate?

There are three basic categories currently open for nominations.  All you have to do is fill out the online form.  Here are more details on each category:

The New Americano – These individuals and/or organizations are trendsetters, impacting the Hispanic market online and off. By utilizing social media strategies they are recognizing the cultural shifts happening within the Latino community, are redefining what it means to be Latino, and are influencing their online community from their multicultural perspective.

The Mobilizer – Through social media tools and platforms, these Latinos mobilize their international and local causes online and off. Uniquely, they foster communities and spread positive change by connecting and educating an audience who they may have never met. Their social mission is to inspire people to take acción and spread change.

The Innovator – Whether it’s a new app or website, this movement is redefining how we reach Latinos now and in the future. El Innovator can be a brand or an individual who has developed a new online tool to connect with the Latino comunidad. They’ve engaged their network with revolutionary ideas and technology that is authentic to the different facets of the Latino market.

Winners will be awarded at the Revolucionario Awards at SXSWi on March 12.

Join. Nominate. Promote.

Juan of Words is a proud ally of The Social Revolución.  For more information about these awards please visit

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