El Que Busca, Encuentra

He Who Seeks, Finds

No feelings were harmed in the writing of this blog.

Or so I am hoping…after months of agonizing over my personal battle of the bulge, embarrassing side effects and all, including increasingly larger love handles (a.k.a. lonjas or lonjitas) and diminishing levels of energy, I’ve decided to get off my butt and do something about it!  More accurately, after having the youngest of my four sisters bet me that I would not be able to lose weight again.

Again because six years ago this same battle was fought and won by me, hands down…Back then my weight was just five pounds more than what it is today, although the distribution of fat was not as proportional as it is today, thank God for that, and I was in much worse overall shape.  Still, through a self-paced regimen of better eating and constant exercise I managed to lose exactly 100 pounds in 12 months, which I kept off for roughly three years, until I began gaining again for some reason.

I think it was too much for too long – running five miles a day everyday of the week but Sunday – and in the end I couldn’t keep it up, I became too comfortable, trusting that the weight would just stay off because I had lost it.  As I began giving myself more leeway to eat what I wanted when I wanted the pounds just started packing back on.

Today, for the most part, aside from my bad habit of smoking, I feel pretty healthy, capable of doing just as much as the next guy, roughly my age and strength, yet I realize doing nothing means only one of two things: keep gaining weight or eventually hear the bad news from my doctor that I’ve got Diabetes, high cholesterol, or something worse.  So even though I’m now in my early thirties, not in my twenties, and my body cannot party or take as much as it used to, try as I may to prove otherwise, one way or another the 20 pounds at stake will be shed over the course of the next 90 days.

But never fear.  I am not giving up on my tortillas, carnitas, pan dulce, and other favorite platillos just yet – only figuring out how to cut back in order to have my cake and eat it too…no pun intended.

Deséenme suerte – ando buscando la manera.

3 thoughts on “El Que Busca, Encuentra

  1. Wishing you so much suete, Juan. I know quite a few in our community are on this same journey. We really need to support each other.

    Wow – you lost 100 lbs. before? I have NEVER lost that much. I’ve lost 30 and that was only because when I was pregnant I was nauseous and barely ate for many months. (Most women gain during pregnancy, but not me. It was the best diet ever. LOL.)

    I can’t believe you used to run 5 miles a day. I don’t think I’ve ever done that. My 12 year old recently challenged me to run with him each day but he leaves me in the dust. I’m trying and he’s supportive. He tells me each time, “Good job, Mommy” and gives me a high five. LOL.

    The frustrating thing for me is that when I increase exercise and eat less, I lose about 5 lbs and then it just stops. I can’t seem to lose more than those same 5 lbs every month, (because I end up quitting and gaining them back.)

    Hopefully knowing you have had such success will motivate me to stick with it.

    1. Sabes Tracy this was several years ago, and sadly, since I have gained a lot of this weight back… albeit in different, more proportionate areas, but it has been a struggle. I’m actually trying to get back on the band wagon again to lose at least some of it otra ves… lol! Cosas de la vida, you lose it and get it back before realizing you should have just kept it off from the beginning…

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