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Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® & Remington but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #RemingtonBB

 Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington

I’ve not always been a facial hair kind of guy, but a few years back I decided to just go for it and give stubble a try. My first attempt was to grow a mustache, and well, let’s just say that didn’t go very well. Unfortunately my facial hair doesn’t grow in very thick, at least not in the mustache area. So what ended up happening then is that my upper lip just ended up looking kind of scrubby and not very nice.

That wasn’t going to work. I needed to shave, reassess, and basically go back to the drawing board. I’d seen a lot of other guys with extended goatees, and while it wasn’t my most favorite look by any means, I decided to give it a try as well. The result was a mix of thicker, longer hair on my chin, and almost nothing around my mouth and under my nose. At that point I knew, my best bet would be to grow a simple goatee on my chin and lower face area.

I did and I haven’t looked back ever since.

 Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington

What I hadn’t realized until then was just how much work it would be to keep my facial hair looking fresh and clean all the time. First of all, I would need more shaving gel and more than a simple razor. As you know, if you’re a guy sporting a full on beard, a mustache, or just a goatee like mine, the commitment is real.

 Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington  Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington

My favorite grooming products now are those that make the shaving process easy and efficient. The The Perfecter: Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit by Remington, for example, takes all the fuss out of not being able to reach those stubborn hair follicles that just won’t come out with a regular razor. The premium T-Blade provides ultra close trimming and pinpoint precision and control for perfect stubble and crisp, clean edges. To me, you really can’t beat that. And because my facial hair doesn’t grow in all that thick or rapidly, knowing that one single charge of the Beard Boss’s lithium battery will give me 5 hours of cordless runtime, means I can go months without having to charge it again. You can find the Beard Boss at Walmart and on

Nothing is worse than going to use something only to realize you have to recharge it all over again before being able to use it. Con esto, nada. One charge and you’re good for almost a year, if your stubble is anything like mine that is.

 Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington  Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington

Now here’s to hoping I can grow that full beard sooner rather than later.

Why we’re heading back to Miami for Hispanicize 2017 #hispz17

Why we're heading back to Miami for Hispanicize 2017 #hispz17

Yes, y’all, it’s official! We’re headed back to Miami this year for Hispanicize 2017! This year we’re actually serving as official correspondents for the national event, which you might be more familiar with as the premier event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers, including digital creators, journalists, marketers, music artists and filmmakers.

This is not our first time attending this event. And we’re hopeful it won’t be our last either. The reason we really enjoy attending Hispanicize every year is that each time we feel like we gain so much from the full week experience. Whether it’s networking with people we follow and admire online, or connecting with new business partners that have similar goals and interests as ours, this event is just a great place to connect and build new relationships.

To help explain what we mean, we decided to make a short video to tell you a little bit more about what we think about Hispanicize 2017:

If you like this video and want to watch more videos from us, subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE.

Oh, and let us know if you’ll be at Hispanicize 2017 too!

Vlogmas 2016 Week 1 and 2

So we’re taking Vlogmas 2016 for a spin this year. Only instead of daily vlogs, we’re doing weekly Vlogmas videos. Here are our first two for the first two weeks of December. Find all our videos at

Vlogmas 2016 Week # 1

Vlogmas 2016 Week # 2

Vlogmas 2016 Week 1 and 2

El Gato Coffee House in Houston!

About a month ago I was invited to spend my evening with pretty little cats!

El Gato Coffee House in Houston!

I waited on this blog post because I wanted to give a clear update on the future of El Gato Coffee House in Houston. The folks behind this fun coffee shop concept had recently started a KickStarter campaign to raise enough funds to be able to open a permanent location, and guess what? They recently announced that they met their fundraising goal and will soon be opening a permanent El Gato Coffee Shop dedicated to helping more cats get adopted.

El Gato Coffee House in Houston!

Now I haven’t convinced Juan about adopting a kitten just yet, but trust me I am working on that.

Thanks to El Gato, though, I will now have a place where I can go to enjoy cats, support cats, and hang out with other cat lovers like me. There’s no question I am the cat lover in this relationship. My partner in crime (Juan) really just prefers to see most cats from afar.

El Gato Coffee House in Houston!

When I received the invite for this event I was beyond excited. I had actually known about cat cafes in other places from watching way too many YouTubers living in places like Japan. I’m so happy Houston will be joining the ranks of these fun-loving cities with coffee shops with kittens and cats!

El Gato Coffee House in Houston!

In case this is your first time hearing about El Gato Coffee Shop, here’s a little more info about them. El Gato Coffee Shop is Houston’s first and only cat-themed cafe and adoption center. On August 14, its founder Renee Reed held a special pop-up party to celebrate the cat cafe concept. This is the event that I attended.

Thanks to the involvement of the Houston Humane Society, Houston’s newest cat cafe will offer these lovable animals one more place to reside besides animal shelters or the streets.

El Gato Coffee House in Houston!

Plus who doesn’t want to enjoy the opportunity to enrich their own life by just increasing their interactions with cats while relaxing and drinking coffee? El Gato Coffee House also serves specialty drinks, teas, ice creams and decadent sweets.

I recommend getting some of their cool merchandise too.

El Gato Coffee House in Houston!

But guys, our efforts to support this fun new concept don’t have to stop at the coffee shop. We can also help by spreading the word and telling everyone that they can now adopt cats at El Gato Coffee Shop too.

One more way you help is by donating to the cause. Do that HERE.

Also, go ahead and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Weekend Photos & a Giveaway

Scroll to the end of this post for details on our giveaway.

In every marriage there are differences. En serio, don’t let anyone tell you different. That just made me think of the television show Hasta en las Mejores Familias that used to come out on Univision a couple of years ago. It was produced in Mexico and exported stateside right around the time when Montel Williams, Jerry Springer and Laura Bozzo were small screen superstars. You know, the style of show where anything went and the crazier the outlandish accusations the better the ratings. Con decirles that one of the show’s regular hosts was Carmen Salinas. That should tell you everything.

Anywho, even in this little familia we have our diferencias. I like certain things. Anjelica likes other things. Every once in a while they happen to be the same, pero en a lot of cases we’re like polar opposites. In a good way I would say.

So one of those things that she really loves are museums. Specifically art museums.

Now my perspective on art exhibits in general is pretty simple. I walk in, I navigate the room, glancing at everything around me, and then almost immediately moving on to the next room or exhibit. At this pace, en un ratito I’ve seen everything and I am ready to leave. In some cases, if something really catches my eye, I might stick around and stare at it for a good minute or two and then move on, but even then it’s not enough to give Anjelica enough time to really appreciate an exhibit the way she wants. This used to be a point of contention. Me rushing her, her getting frustrated, and neither one of us really enjoying the experience.

But after a decade or so hasta el más terco aprende algo, jajaja. I’ve learned to not be so pushy and I can now say I even enjoy visiting art exhibits with Anjelica. What makes it enjoyable for me is watching her enjoy herself. I think I’ve even developed an appreciation for taking my time too.

Well, kind of.

So this weekend we visited the Houston Museum of Fine Arts of Houston and it was pretty fun.

Weekend Photos & a Giveaway
This was my favorite work of art at the museum this visit. Only wish I would have written down the name of the piece and the artist.
Weekend Photos & a Giveaway
I’m guessing Anjelica liked this piece since she asked me to snap a picture of it. It is pretty nice.
Weekend Photos & a Giveaway
My picture face is always the same, kind of like a deer in the headlights, lol.
Weekend Photos & a Giveaway
Oh, and this isn’t museum related. This is one of the Loteria jewelry pieces Anjelica finished this weekend. We are giving several pieces away so follow the instructions below.


If you like the Loteria ring above, visit one of the two links provided below and leave us a comment there to enter. We will be giving away several rings and earrings like this with a Loteria theme at random by the end of the week.



Houston’s Rail & Ride Scapade

Earlier this month the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority, better known as METRO Houston, or better yet, as our city’s primary mode of public transportation, held their first Rail & Ride (Scapade) in Downtown Houston. We were invited to attend and got to learn a lot more about our city’s growing multimodal transportation options. It was pretty fun!

We started our day at METRO Houston’s downtown headquarters off of Main Street. We then made our way outside to check out bicycles for the first stretch of our journey from Houston B-Cycle. Everyone then boarded the METRO Rail with their bikes and we were off to the Houston Bike Museum. This is such a cool space and they have such a great collection of bicycles from the past.

Because of the scorching heat we didn’t ride the bicycles the entire time, but almost everyone else did and they had a blast.

After our stop at the Houston Bike Museum a group of METRO Houston representatives met us at a local library to talk more about current and future plans for METRO.

As you can tell from our pictures and the video below, aside from the heat, the weather was pretty pristine and it was in fact a great day for a Rail & Ride (Scapade)!

If you’re interested in participating in a future scapade like this one contact METRO Houston. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you!

Houston's Rail & Ride Scapade

Houston's Rail & Ride Scapade

Making time for downtime on a Tuesday, or any other weeknight for that matter 

We took this picture a couple of weeks ago. We were out on a weeknight working and this was our last stop before heading home. It’s a popular spot in town. One we’ve been to a few times on our own (like two times to be exact), only this time we were attending a special event. Rather than their usual tapas menu on this night there was a Spanish theme to the food and beverages. 

Think paella,patatas, and a bunch of other delicious dishes I won’t even pretend to know a lot about. Needless to say the food was pretty great. Not to mention all the Licor 43 bar offerings which were complimentary. That’s always fun. 

We ate. We drank. We danced a little. Some friends were also at the event so we hung out and had a really great time just “letting our hair down.” There was even some rave dancing involved to what the deejay introduced as a “taste of Ibiza!” If that’s what it’s really like it sounds like a great place!! 

Anyhow, it was also the first time in what feels like a long time that we had just gone out for fun. Sure it started out as a work event, but by the end of the night it felt more like we were reliving our glory days as bar hoppers and late night party people. Yes, we did hit the club scene pretty hard once upon a time. Never mind that this night we headed home just a little after midnight. 

We slept like logs esa noche. 😊

A few days later though our little outing inspired us to take a little more downtime just to enjoy hanging out together. We’ve been making an effort to do more of that ever since. 

Takeaways from Voto Latino’s 2016 Power Summit

So really lots to be said about Voto Latino’s 2016 Power Summit which we were just at this past week. I’ll start with the young people (mostly Latino college students) who were there to learn, but who also had a great deal to teach us all. I was so inspired by the sensibilities and aspirations of each and every one of the young people at this two day event.

On more than one occasion the topic of caring for our parents and honoring their sacrifices through education and personal success came into discussion. Immigration and the need to stand up against discrimination of any kind were also a recurring themes in several panels, as were words of encouragement and motivation for thinking big.

In the digital journalism panel I was a part as a speaker the conversation turned to creating opportunities not only for ourselves, but also for our communities. The fact that so many young people were in the room sharing their individual aspirations with us was so powerful. Equally powerful were the keynote speakers who ranged from Treasurer of the United States, Rosie Rios to actors Wilmer Valderrama and Diane Guerrero, among others.

Their message to all of us in the audience was pretty clear. Be proud of who you are. Follow your passions. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you what you can or cannot achieve. And utilize the power of your vote in this and all elections.

This simple and straightforward answer to a question that started out by saying “I am just an average…” really spoke to me and stayed with me.

Takeaways from Voto Latino's Power Summit

I think it’s absolutely true and it’s a statement we should make every effort to adopt into our daily lexicon, especially when it comes to addressing young people. Ya es hora that we set the expectation to be successful and ambitious in all of our children, especially those of color.

Takeaways from Voto Latino's Power Summit
A huge thank you to our fellow panelists from Univision, Latina Rebels, and Pili Montilla.

To learn more about Voto Latino’s annual Power Summit please Click Here.