Gearing up for a Healthier Year with Nokia

 Gearing up for a Healthier Year with Nokia

I have purposely not worn a watch on my wrist for over a decade now. I made the decision in my very early twenties to stop wearing a watch because I didn’t like the idea of being physically attached to time at all times. At the time I was working at a call center and we were forced into working mandatory overtime so often that wearing a watch was just a bitter reminder of how little time I was spending on doing the things I really wanted to do. So one day I just took off my watch, threw it in the garbage can, and vowed to never wear one again.

A lot has changed since then.

For one thing, people don’t really wear watches only to tell time anymore. A lot of them actually wear them for other reasons – like it’s a nice accessory; they can now relay your text messages and emails in a much more compact manner than your smartphone device; and a lot of these modern watches can now keep up with things like the steps you’ve walked today, the calories you’ve burned, and even your current heart rate. Yeah, technology is definitely everywhere.

I’ll be honest. I almost declined being a part of this collaboration with Nokia because the thought of putting on a heart rate and activity watch on my wrist kind of startled me, a lot. Would I even know what to do with this thing around my wrist anymore? Would it be incredibly uncomfortable and annoying? Would I once again turn into a time-obsessed drone (a slave to time if you will)?

Well, it’s been about a week and my attitude towards time has not changed one bit. Thankfully! I still believe my time is my own and I get to decide how much of it I get to spend anywhere I choose. I am a little bit controlling when it comes to my time, if you can’t tell, but I can’t help it. I gave enough of my time away in that call center when I felt I didn’t have any other choice.

The good news is this Nokia wearable device is very functional and so comfortable I haven’t minded it being on my wrist at all. I don’t ever use it to check the time, though. Instead, I like to keep track of my daily steps on it, and check out my heart rate in between activities to see how much it fluctuates throughout the day. With the free Health Mate app on my phone that the device pairs with I can also view a complete history of my health data. That’s a huge step forward for a guy like me who only kept track of this information before when I went to the doctor’s office. Not very often.

 Gearing up for a Healthier Year with Nokia

I like being more aware of my own body and wellness. And seeing my daily steps on my wrist is a huge motivator to get up and move. It’s crazy how little of that you can do when you are working from home.

The last thing I’ll share about this Nokia device is that I can charge it once and not have to charge it again for up to 25 days. That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me!

I never thought I would be wearing a watch again, but this one is one I kind of look forward to putting on my wrist every morning. It means I get to try to beat my score from the day before every day.

 Gearing up for a Healthier Year with Nokia

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