A Golf Adventure for the Familia

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A Golf Adventure for the Familia

Do you golf?

If you would have asked me that a few months ago I would have said, “uh, no.” Today, I’m happy to report that I can honestly say, “I am in the process of learning.” Oddly enough, this sport is much more fun than I had anticipated.

Not that I expected it to be boring or anything, I just had not taken the time to understand what golf was all about. This month I actually played my first 18 holes on the green. Let’s just say my skills on the golf course dejaron mucho que desear. So when I was invited back to Topgolf for a second time a couple of weeks ago I was excited!

I knew Edgar would get a kick out of the sport too, and Anjelica is always game for something fun, so we booked an evening game for the three of us, and our friends Jeff and Ashley too.

A Golf Adventure for the Familia

Probably the hardest thing about learning golf at the beginning is knowing how to position yourself to hit the ball and figuring out which club to use. At Topgolf, the good thing is all the clubs are already there and if you’re brand new to the game a staff member will walk you through how to play and which golf clubs to use based on their weight and impact, etc. You can rent a small booth for your group of friends and family by the hour for as little as $25 an hour for up to eight players, and they’ll serve you food and drinks too. It’s a full service experience that’s really pretty enjoyable.

All three of us signed up for a lifetime membership while we were there so we could just scan our cards the next time we return. It was very easy and they printed out our membership cards right there.

A Golf Adventure for the Familia

I won’t tell you that I’m the best golf player just yet, but ask the rest of my team who won that night?

Yup, this guy right here!

A Golf Adventure for the Familia

For me, learning to play golf better is a challenge I’ve given myself this year. Whether you’re serious about improving your game too, or just want to try something new with friends, family, or business partners, Topgolf is the place to do it. You’ll have a hell of a good time learning the ropes.

See you on the tee box, maybe?

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  1. Hi Juan, I golf too… I love but I am not very good at it, yet! I need a stroke counter with more than ten beads to keep count. 🙂 Reason why I make them for myself and for others.

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