For Father’s Day: Dad’s Guide to Summer

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Newell Brands. All opinions are my own.

Dear old dad never seems to get the attention he deserves. At least not during major dad holidays like say Father’s Day. Wait, are there any other special occasions dedicated to celebrating the male parental figure in our lives? I didn’t think so, and that’s pretty much the point.

 For Father’s Day: Dad’s Guide to Summer

We get one day every 365-days, and the reality is we don’t typically get all the fanfare that comes along with celebrating mom on her big day, Mother’s Day. Perhaps that’s due to our own lack of interest in receiving flowers and chocolates, or being taken out to dinner to a nice restaurant. It could also be that this holiday is just more low key than Mother’s Day all together. ¿Quién sabe? In my opinion, sin embargo, as dads it’s time for us to embrace getting a little more pampered every Father’s Day.

Who’s with me?

Getting pampered does not necessarily mean going BIG either. Before you go emptying your savings account to find the “perfect” gift for dad, consider what he might find quite useful in his everyday life. We are pretty practical when it comes to buying things for ourselves. If we can put it to good use, we want it and we can sincerely appreciate it as a gift. I can’t tell you the number of gifts I purchased for my own dad without taking this very important factor into account. Those are the gifts that were untouched and sitting in the corner of my parents’ closet forever. They just weren’t something he would have used.

Finally, after years I realized what my dad really wanted were things that he could use and enjoy any old time. That, and having all of us come together for him is what he loved most.

This year, in an effort to make the most of my Father’s Day I’ve been pretty vocal about what Edgar and Anjelica can get me for the occasion. They were quite surprised at my candor at the beginning. Now, I think they’re just amused.

What was really neat, was receiving an early Father’s Day gift from Newell Brands earlier this month. Every single item they sent was something I would have personally purchased for myself too. I actually did. The company sent me a list of items to choose from, and I picked the ones I wanted. What I ordered were the Contigo AUTOSEAL Chill Water Bottle the Rubbermaid Balance Meal Kit, the Coleman QuadPro Lantern, and the Shakespeare Catch More Fish Catfish Combo.

For Father’s Day: Dad’s Guide to Summer

Después que me llego todo, of course, we had to go fishing!

Edgar was really excited about the fishing set. It’s the nicest one we own now, and it’s so easy to pull apart and put together. The fact that all the hooks, bait, and weights were included in the kit was very convenient also. The Contigo water bottle and the Rubbermaid Balance Meal Kit made packing our lunch much more organized than usual. I especially dug the patented AUTOSEAL lid on the water bottle that prevented any leaks from happening. We turned it upside down and everything y nada. Not a single drop.

For Father’s Day: Dad’s Guide to Summer

We didn’t stay out late this time around so we didn’t get to put the QuadPro Lantern to use for very long, but the fact that it comes with four removal panels that each includes an area light, flashlight, magnet, and handle, is pretty darn practical. I’m looking forward to using it next time we go camping.

On our drive back from Galveston is actually when I decided it was about time to fully claim my own Father’s Day festivities. It is nice to get nice things every once in a while.

Why not every 365 days?

¡Feliz Día de los Padres, friends!

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  1. My dad loves fishing so much that one summer we went every day I hated that summer when I was younger, now that I’m older it’s a summer that I will never forget and that I can share stories of with my daughters.

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