Sweat, Sacrifice and Heartache

An homage to the men and women out there, here, millions of them, many of them Hispanics, others not, living in the trenches, working every day, sun up to sun down, some by choice, others by destiny, misfortune perhaps, in the most ‘menial,’ undesired of jobs, often overlooked, if not completely misrepresented, both in the mainstream and in life, ‘a duras penas, con sudor y sacrificio‘, doing whatever it takes, simply to make it another day.  Not a pity party, instead a ‘hey we see you out there, you’re not invisible. ¡Animo!’

Criada, sirvienta, mucama – housekeeping!

Ellas son las reinas del hogar.

Obrero, jornalero, mano de obraen la construction…

El Milusos

Niñeras, de Niños y de Ancianos también.

La Nana

Mantenimiento…o sea, Maintenance.

Mapear, vequear, lo que toque

Reciclador Profesional – Professional Recycler!

Haciendo la Lucha

Paleteros, Eloteros, Chicharroneros…Street Vendors really.

Corn, Paletas, the Works

Talking, Walking…Ads.  The newest trend in Guerilla Marketing.

The Human Sign

Corta Yardas – Yard Cutter, of many…many a lawns!

Helping us go Green

Piscadores de lechuga, fruta…cotton, or anything else in high demand.

Hunters turned Gatherers

‘Y muchos, muchos, muchísimos más‘.  My parents, my uncles, my aunts, my cousins, my sisters, my friends, my family, ‘y todos, somos los mismos‘ – even today, college degrees, certificates, office jobs, ‘inglish’, and all.  These people were my teachers in life from whom I learned much more than I ever did in any classroom, not the least of which were three basic ‘principios’: honor, humility and dignity.