William Levy: The Great Divide!

Stud or Dud?

Apparently, unannounced to most of us in the male sex, there is quite a Great Divide taking place right this very second among women everywhere!  It’s not about any moral, ethical, political, or social issues.  Instead, about a Cuban-born Spanish-language television actor who surfaced into the world of entertainment not too long ago.  Just a few years back really.

His name:  William Levy.  And the Great Divide, well at least for the women who know who this guy is, revolves around the issue of whether or not he is HOT!

Last night, while channel surfing, after Modern Family was over (I love Sofia Vergara on this show), I decided to leave it on the last few minutes of Univision’s new telenovela, Triunfo del Amor, which of course stars Levy…and let me just say, the entire last 10 minutes of this show was of nothing more than the blond-haired buff actor running around shirtless to a porn-like music track.  I know because every time I’d look up from my phone to see if they had moved on to the next scene he was STILL running around half naked. He didn’t even utter one word, at all!  Pretty comical.  But, I guess the script didn’t require any dialogue.  RIGHT!?

Anyways, the funniest part was that a few minutes later I found the following wall post on one of my wife’s social media websites.  It made me laugh to myself because she was extremely quiet and still while William was having his little running-on-the-beach-half-naked-without-uttering-a-word moment.  I didn’t even know she had a crush on him!  Or that the rest of the women in my life were partaking in the Great William Levy Divide Of The 21st Century!

This was almost as funny as when my mom burst out in the middle of our living room that she had a crush on Bill Clinton – ¡esta bien bonito Clinton!

Here is the back and forth that cracked me up:

Love hate thing for William levy. Attractive and extremely eye catching. But of course when opens his mouth its something else. So-so acting and bad interviews.

A1: I just don’t like him at all, don’t even think he’s attractive, but the novela is pretty good, lol

A2: He might not be attractive but he sure is FINE!!!! lol J/K

A3: What is wrong with you guys he is fineee! and super attractive!! Lovely voice too!!

A4: Head too small for the steroids body

Ladies out there, what’s your take?

25 thoughts on “William Levy: The Great Divide!

  1. Of course, if you post a bad half naked picture, he comes out rather porn star. In the realm of looks, he is just that pretty to look at. Lets get this down in black and white. If ever, in actual reality, this man stood behind me in line I would find it hard to not glance back more than just a few times. Granted the man can’t speak a lick of word without sounding ignorant and arrogant and that is unattractive.

    1. Oh, so you are saying that was he standing behind you just by chance you’d certainly take advantage of the opportunity? LOL! Curious about why you did not leave a name….hmmm 🙂

  2. Like I said, he is too overrated. He may have been cute to me once, but after seeing his tv interviews you can see he is arrogant. His acting is bad, just watch how many times he blinks in one scene. And OMG yes, I do not know what was going on with that scene when he was kayaking, and that was nothing, the first episode of the novela it was like a three minute scene… ridiculous! Glad you brought this point up, it’s pretty funny, and also very ironic that despite saying so many bad things about Levy I am still hooked to that novela.

    1. Maybe it’s one of those love-hate thing relationships, Irma. You don’t like him, but can’t get enough of him, lol. That’s too funny! But then they do say there’s a fine line between love and hate 🙂

    1. Dios mio Sue! Tenemos los mismos gustos…Sofia Vergara, fire para mi. Las novelas por otro lado si me gustan una que otra, jijiji. Soy tu Dueña y todas las de Lucero ahi estoy como pen clavado en la pantalla. Modern Family, buenisimo show! Hay le voy a tu post.

  3. Never heard of him before you told me and just based on this photo – very much NOT my type. I don’t like blonds, first of all. Second of all, I don’t like pretty boys. He doesn’t do a thing for me. He also has that look on his face that he doesn’t have too much going on upstairs, and intelligence is a huge factor in attractiveness to me.

    Yes, as you noted on my blog today – I have an odd system for what makes a man attractive to me. LOL.

    1. Traisy (I’m calling you that now cuz ya eres como family) y Sue, I’ll say you are the picky ones del monton, jajaja. Glad to know some women don’t consider us men just a piece of meat. Que cosas, lol!

  4. Starting to like the alternative spelling for my name that my in-laws invented. LOL. Now they’ll probably learn to spell it right after more than a decade. Hijole.

    Forgot to mention – the part about your mother and Clinton made me LOL. My maternal grandmother also admitted she found him handsome!

    1. Traisy…I love this spelling, just like the fact you recognized the Clinton mention. Coming from my mother at the time, the matriarch who never spoke such matters, it was very shocking and comical. Now, one great memory 🙂

  5. I LOVE WILLIAM LEVY!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!!!! I have met him in person and he is very polite and beyound gorgeous. He has worked many years to achieve his skills in acting, speaking English without an accent and learning to speak Spanish without a Cuban accent. I could go on describing how he has prepared himself. He is very ambicious to succeed in his chosen field!He is a great actor as you will see in later chapters of Triunfo del Amor. You could not even imagine his role in Mujers Assesinas3. Just such a wonderfulrole for him as a bad guy!! Did I mention how gorgeous he is???? I could watch him all day!!!


  7. Well, I think he is a pretty man. I like guys with big eyes and long lashes. I also like guys with muscles. So, he is my type. I agree that the bad dialogue in the novelas is not his fault. I haven’t seen any interviews where he is being arrogant yet, but I have seen quite a few where he is down to earth. Of course if I ever met him I would try to stay mature and talk to him, but inside be wanting to ask for a hug at least. My niece who is sans-baby-daddy tells her baby that William Levy is her dad. It’s so cute to see her kiss the tv. Don’t judge! My niece was sexually assaulted by some low-life who doesn’t deserve anything good in his life…so William Levy is a better choice for a a dad. I have 6 nieces and they all think William is hot. I will ask my sisters and get back with you. Heh.

    1. mexicanwoman,
      You’ve just upped the game to another level, lol! One on one contact, I’m wondering how badly the rest of these Levy fans would want to see the guy in person…uuy, but that’s a whole other can of worms we’d be opening up!

  8. You met him in person! I’m so jealous. But yes, unfortunately I have seen more than one bad interview. He seems sarcastic . But I will refrain from judgement until MA 3.

  9. What can I say, I am guilty of actually finding William Levy very attractive. I prefer not to judge a book by it’s cover, I mean wether he is intelligent or not. He is an actor just like all of those women(Sofia Vergara) that keep hispanic men glued to the television.

  10. Tracy Tracy Tracy… estas mentirosa! Siempre en mi blog estoi hablando del hombre mas PAPASOTTTEEE DEL MUNDO! Mi William Levy… ahorita no tenemos univision ugh ke feo pero cuando lo vi en “Cuidado con el angel” aye dios pos ni puedo decir ke andava pensanda… ADULT CONTENT jajajajajajajajajaja

  11. he is like so awsome im in love with him wow he fine i cant stop looking at him i watch all his novelas,cause he fine i love him he is soo soooo sexy!!!!!!!1

  12. Is a shame that William Levy has obtain his fame and body base on esteroides and other substances which enhances muscle grow rapitly. This is why he disappeared to an island when he was 20 years old. His hair is falling and he has to get daily treatments for his hair. Is also a shame that his penis is also afected by the substances he has taken and the reason for the end of his 8 year relationship. You should see a photo of him on a normal day at his house and you will never recognize him.

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