Choco-Flan And Other Delicious Concoctions, Mixteadas

Choco-flan, choco-flan, so delicious...

Mixteadas / Combined, in the sense that two individually delectable explosions can be fused into one utterly, undeniably, delicious, hyper-concoction that all at once can elate every single one of the senses.   Well maybe that’s a little bit of a stretch, but it’s honestly what comes to mind when I think about the choco-flan cake we had for my wife’s birthday this weekend.

Yes, you guessed right: chocolate bread crust, about an inch and a half high, topped with about three more inches of almost velvety smooth flan.

Don’t ask me how they did it…I haven’t a clue, but since the first time my sister in law introduced me to this delicious hybrid of Latino dessert cuisine all I could think wasman tres leches ain’t got nothing on this! And so as soon as we decided we we’re getting a cake I knew exactly what we were getting…she wanted it too of course, I think.  Which made me start thinking about all the other crazy food combinations we come up with.

In our house, the fact that we ate what we had growing up, or we weren’t really hungry as my parents would say, made the whole mixing and matching of flavors much more normal.  That, and the simple truth we are mexicanos de rancho, campesinos really…even ifde estelado.

So let’s see, there is the fruta con chile, roasted corn with mayonnaise and the works, snow cones with syrup and chamoy, popcorn with Tabasco, and Tabasco with everything else (a personal favorite of mine sometimes substituted with Cholula, Valentina, or Louisiana salsas), hamburgers with actual ham and cheese inside them, along with avocado strips, jalapeños and pickled carrots, tortillas with pretty much anything imaginable inside them – tortilla dogs, need I say more – and so many other appetizing combinations that I could go on and on about, including my personal invention: the regular old run of the mill deli meat sandwich, complete with crumpled up layers of chips inside to give it that extra crunch and kick that tastes oh so very delicious!

No, it’s really not just a Mexican or Latino thing…eatable hyper-concoctions are universal, and they almost always taste delightful.  ¡Provecho!

Took Me A Minute, But Here Is The Recipe

The credit for how to make this tasty treat goes all to mi querida amiga de Facebook, Juanita Cruz, who took it upon herself to share this recipe.  Gracias!  And now, without further ado…la receta she sent me:  

Ingredients for flan
6 eggs
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
1 can of sweet condensed milk
1 can of evaporated milk
pinch of salt  
I use a box cake for the chocolate cake portion…sorry but it tastes just as good as one from scratch and less work :o) So just prepare the cake off the box and set aside.  I use a bundt cake pan for this. For the flan put all ingredients into a blender except the evaporated milk. Use the empty can of condensed milk and pour the contents of the evaporated milk into the empty can and use only that portion and add to blender. You will have a little extra evaported milk. Blend in the blender and set aside. Usually i heat up sugar in the baking pan I’m going to cook the flan in but since I use a bundt pan for this cake its harder to do so I just buy that leche quemada in a squeeze bottle and pour on the bottom of the pan.  Next you add the cake batter into the pan. Once the cake batter is completely in the pan you add the flan mixture on top of the cake. It’s going to sink and you are going to think it’s not going to come out right but I promise you it will.  You will need a larger roasting pan and fill it with water halfway so that when you place the bundt pan in it the water will come up halfway to the bundt pan. Cover the top of the bundt pan with foil paper and put in the roasting pan with water in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes.  Hope it comes out well for you ;o)

14 thoughts on “Choco-Flan And Other Delicious Concoctions, Mixteadas

  1. Where in the world do you get a choco-flan? This is the first time I’ve heard of it. Up north we’re always late in getting this kind of thing, it seems.

    I love fusion cuisine – it’s almost a necessity of compromise at our house. Carlos always finds some way to Salvadoranize American food. LOL. Like he won’t eat just a regular hot dog with ketchup and mustard. He makes me fry up shredded repollo seasoned with salt, pepper and mustard to put on top.

    My favorite Fusion Cuisine that I have yet to try are the Korean Tacos. I love Korean food and I love tacos. I’m pretty sure they must be like Heaven.

    1. Tracy, your Korean tacos made me think about the Japanese-Mexican tacos I had the other day. Only one word to describe them: YUM!!!

      And I really understand Carlos because it seems I can’t ever stop eating hot sauce with everything. People always get a kick out of watching me eat because they’re like “why do you put hot sauce on everything,” but it’s just the way we grew up – eating spicy…chile with everything!!

  2. Bummer. Here I was thinking that you were a gourmet dessert chef in hiding!!

    Still, this looks pretty fab. And I can relate to your ‘concoctions’ from my own youth. Being raised in the religion of meatless Friday’s, my Mom often made a huge roasting pan of spaghetti with a plain tomato sauce on it for Friday supper. There were usually leftovers. So one of my fave Saturday breakfasts was a cold spaghetti sandwich – thick slices of congealed pasta between toasted white bread with margerine and Miracle Whip and lots of salt & pepper.

    I’d probably barf it up these days, but boy it hit the spot when I was 16!!

    Thanks for the flashback.


    1. That actually sounds quite delicious to me right now…will have to try it out next time I’m hungry and feeling adventurous. And the meatless spaghetti, a classic, one we’ve enjoyed for many years now.

      Now, thank you for the memories 🙂

  3. Wow! I’m drooling myself into a coma after reading this and studying/fantasizing about that recipe! YOWZA!!!

    I like the different combos of food you mention. One of my favs was/and still is peanut butter/jelly on a flour tortilla. 2 of those and mere mortals become Gods!

  4. havent try the choco flan yet but will tdy 4/30/11..let you know how it comes out..i ws always worry that by mixing both mixures together it wouldnt come out right…well untill next time …a friend

  5. I am making this right now but I think I did something wrong. The batter from the cakebox came out kind of thick and the flan did not sink to the bottom when pouring it. I followed the directions exactly. Guess I will have to tweak it

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