Festival People en Espanol 2013

Festival People en Español

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Festival People En Español however, all opinions expressed are my own. Y’all knew this was coming, right?  So People en Español is hosting this pretty star-studded music festival in San Antonio this weekend… AND I’ve been asked to help promote the event by telling […]

Could Eugenio Derbez replace Don Francisco?

Could Eugenio Derbez replace Don Francisco?

This weekend Anjelica asked me that question.  We were watching Don Francisco’s Sábado Gigante (of our own free will this time, believe it or not).  Usually the only time we catch snippets of the more than 50 year old show – the longest-running variety television show in the world, thank you very […]

Soñar Despierto

Soñar Despierto

Edgar was fast asleep today after a long day of school.  His first, after a… well, less than extraordinary summer.  This year, we didn’t get a chance to travel anywhere during the more than two months that he was at home for school break.  He didn’t get a chance to […]

Juanito Lleno de Gracia

Juanito Lleno de Gracia

El otro día me estaba quejando.  You know, the typical: “I should have done this.”  “I want that.”  “Why can’t that happen to me?”  Y quien sabe cuantas otras cosas that I was going on about.  Aunque no quiera, sometimes it’s hard to avoid those moments of whining and complaining about […]

The meaning of Chipil

Chípil. ¡Que ya encargaste!

Have you ever been at a tía’s house and they notice that your toddler is being extra clingy?  No matter what you do or what you give him, your kid won’t stop crying or fussing, or wrapping themselves around your leg and refusing to let go!  I don’t know about you, but […]

El Ruido De Tus Zapatos

I don’t know that I fully understand the letra  to this song, but I have been singing it pretty regularly in the car. The video is even more confusing. I suppose it’s a love story or love triangle of sorts… pero como que no me cuadra.   The group singing it is La […]

Being honest with oneself is not always easy

My mother used to say el sol no se tapa con un dedo. In the case of Latino families, I think doing so is even more complicated. We’re used to being in each other’s business. Familia can sometimes mean snooping around to get to the bottom of things, asking too […]

Pickles and Internet that’s not working

Tonight there’s no Internet at the house. And for once it’s not our fault! I called the phone company and waited for 30 minutes to have them tell me that they can’t come out here to repair the problem until Sunday. We’re all a little (okay, a lot) bummed out […]