Because Everyone Should Bond Over Shipping Tamales!

Because Everyone Should Bond Over Shipping Tamales!
Photo by Linda Paul

You know.  I’m sitting here in front of my computer.  My brain kind of exhausted and drawing blanks.  I know there are interesting things I should tell you.  Interesting things that I mentally jotted down in my head days ago, weeks ago, and that for some reason I just haven’t managed to actually write down somewhere.  That happens to me a lot.  Mentally thinking about something that should be written down and telling myself it will come back to me when I know it won’t.

It’s the same in every other aspect of my life.  My to do lists, both personal and for work, are little more than scraps of paper here and there; random notes on one app and another on my phone; mental notes that never really deliver; and somehow, in spite of myself, I still always manage to make progress.  A lot of times I actually deliver.

Some people might call that suerte bruta. 

Whatever you call it, tonight that suerte bruta ended up being another great excuse para no desvelarme trying to rack my brain over what you all might find entertaining in a post.  ¡Denme chance!  I didn’t celebrate El Día de los Huevones properly the other day.  I didn’t even realize that was a real holiday.  There are so many plans in my head for this day next year.

Pero bueno, what made me cut my own self some slack was an email that I got from someone who just so happened to stumble upon my blog tonight.  Hello!  Thank you for finding my casita online.  I saw your comment and it made me feel all especial inside.  I hope this post answers your question.

The post she read and which she had a question about was this one – My Mamá Is Gangsta: Sending Tamales Via USPS!  For the record, yes she is and yes she did!  ¡O sea obvio!  I think that’s a good introduction to my life, don’t you think?  I mean who else but my jefita would figure out how to ship tamales cross-country?  And who else but her hijo metiche would find that entertaining enough to write about.  Reader, I’m glad that you enjoyed it… and bienvenida.  Welcome to your new home 🙂

In answer to your question, in order to prepare her shipment, my Gangsta Má first made a bunch of tamales from scratch.  We all then ate a whole bunch of tamales with chile de molcajete, pico de gallo, crema, rice and beans.  You can skip this part when you’re getting ready to mail your own tamales, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  It’s the best part of all the hard work that goes into making this traditional and very delicious Mexican dish.  After we had all stuffed ourselves so bad that there was a line outside of the restroom (if that’s TMI, I am sorry), she took a couple of dozens from her big olla and wrapped them in aluminum paper before throwing them in the freezer.  They stayed in there until they were rock hard and ready for the road.

Next, she bought some cooling bags that said they could stay cool for up to 24 hours and she placed all her frozen tamales in there.  She then packaged them in a box and went off to the post office to ship her special delivery (rush order, of course).  My sister got them and from what she tells me they were delicious.

Some of the details may be a little shady, but it’s 11:25 p.m. here and my Gangsta Má is already in bed asleep.  I won’t lie.  I did think about calling her to corroborate my story… but that would just be rude, and she would probably assume something was wrong, y bueno tu comprenderás, one never wants to upset our parents for no reason.

I do promise though, if she tells me I missed anything I’ll let you know.

And good luck mailing your own tamales by the way.  Do you need my address?

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