William Levy: With or Without the Long Hair (Greñudo)?

William Levy with or without hair?
William Levy with or without hair?

We haven’t played this game in a long time.  I’ve been a bad host, I know.  So I have made an executive decision.  Since el cubano William Levy is coming back to television next week on Univision’s latest telenovela, La Tempestad (check your local listings if you want to watch it with or without subtitles).  And because he’s sporting such a funny new hairdo, I thought why not post a side by side and see how you prefer your Levy?

I heard on the radio today that he’s actually suing the people who implanted those hair extensions on his head because they looked so horrible.  También por hay dicen los chismosos (not me this time… I mean other people) that his hair was the reason this telenovela didn’t do all that great in Mexico.  Let’s see if Latinas on this side of the border are more forgiving on those greñas.  


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