Why Traveling With the Family Can Be the Most Magical Part of the Winter Season

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Road trips for us are all about what happens in between our start and end points. We grew up making long distance treks with our families, and now love sharing our passion for discovering news places with our son and extended family. This is my latest article as a contributor to the Best Western blog You Must Be Trippin’. Please click the link to read the full story.

Why Traveling With the Family Can Be the Most Magical Part of the Winter Season

Our trips to Mexico would always start the same way. My dad stacking and packing luggage inside and on top of our car, trying to fit as much as he possibly could while still leaving enough sitting room for all of us to fit. He’d tie rope around the roof of our car, sometimes through the backseat passenger doors as well, making all style of knots to secure our precious cargo, which was mostly used clothing for us to wear and to leave behind for our family in San Luis Potosi.

My mother usually had woken up several hours before all of us to make tacos and gorditas for the road. In between stuffing tortillas and packing all our belongings, she’d take turns fussing at each of us – all seven of us kids – to hurry up and get ready to go. Our plan would always be to leave early in the morning hours to get to the border by daylight, but somehow, we would always manage to leave a lot later than planned. It was chaotic to say the least, but once we got going it was always a lot of fun.

Those crazy drives to and from Mexico are what really made me fall in love with the open road. We shared so much on those 14-plus hour drives, and even though we inevitably got on each other’s nerves a whole lot, it also made us so much closer.

Anjelica grew up making those same road trips with her family, so when we got married we knew long distance drives were in our future together as well.

We’ve now made the trek from Houston to New York City, to Washington D.C., to Connecticut, to California, to Arkansas, to Nevada, and a bunch of other states in between. Every time we hit the road there’s an excitement about the new places and things we will see. It also helps that we are both the adventurous type and love making little detours into big family experiences. We have gone on so many road trips now that even our 15-year-old son Edgar gets the itch when we’ve spent too many months at home without making a long drive.

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