Kids say the darnedest things!

My niece said something this weekend that made me laugh.

Then it made me think.

And now, it’s making me contemplate life.

She’s under five years old and we were flying a kite together this weekend.

She was a natural at it, but that wasn’t really the big surprise.

When we were getting ready to go back inside to eat my mother’s pozole I offered to help her put up the kite since the string holding it had been unwound a good couple of feet. She refused and proceeded to tell me how she didn’t need help because she could do it all by herself.

In that very moment it was as if my sister (her mother) was talking to me herself.

It was uncanny.

I chuckled at first in surprise, and then thought to myself, yeah that’s really her baby!

It’s funny how the most unexpected characteristics are seemingly hereditary as well.

This is one memory I think is going to stick.

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