¡No te me achicopales!  Think of it as encouragement, coupled with just a little bit of good old fashioned guilt-tripping. It’s almost like saying “you can do it… just don’t let me down!” The very fact that me is included in the phrase, makes it completely personal! You might as well be […]

When words are hope

I am not one to follow trends, usually… or to keep up with them for that matter. As of late, however, I have noticed a rise in self-help advice all over the internet. Facebook and Instagram seem to attract this type of content especially. Or maybe it just seems that […]

Popular Positive Mexican Sayings

People always suggest “have a great spring break.” This year, I think we really tried. Over the last eight days we tried to make the most of our time together. We didn’t go anywhere fancy. We didn’t do anything outrageous. We simply made an effort to do the things we […]

G-rated words we say in Spanish to avoid R-rated ones

G-rated words we say in Spanish to avoid R-rated ones

Pues la mera verdad, there’s nothing quite like cursing in Spanish.  The bad words just kind of roll off your tongue, y cuando estas enojado con mucha más razón.  We’ve noticed that about ourselves over the years.  When we’re angry and/or in a heated discussion we always go off in […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: Changaro


Pues la casa.  El cantón.  The place you call home.  Where you live.  You know, ¡el changaro!  That place that starts out with a couple of walls, a door, a window, or two, a place to sleep in, to sit down and have meals in, to watch whatever you want […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Regio! ¡Regia!

¡Regio! ¡Regia!

O sea, ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to my new guilty pleasure. Cindy La Regia! She’s Mexico’s most famous niña fresa who’s been immortalized into an uber-popular cartoon character by artist Ricardo Cucamonga, and I just so happened to come across her singular style and sense of […]



Few other words in the Spanish language can insult you so specifically and succinctly as the word ¡igualada!  Often paired with a gata as in ¡gata igualada!, this palabra can at once throw your social-economic status in your face and tell you to basically “shut the hell up!” and stop talking.  The gata part here […]

Ave María Purísima

¡Ave María Purísima!

You know those moments when you’re left with your mouth open?  When somebody tells you something so shocking you just can’t help but stand or sit there unable to utter a single word for a couple of moments?  Or when the chisme is so good que empiezas a mover la cabeza from […]