12 Days of Christmas in Words: So I’m Behind… Big Surprise!

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Initially my intention was to write 12 posts for Christmas that would deal with various non-gifts that we could give as gifts this holiday season.  Hence the title the “12 Days of Christmas in Words.”  Well, wouldn’t you know it.  This holiday season has gotten away from me… and today, just seven days shy off Christmas Eve, I’m sitting here looking at my list of editorial content for the month and wondering just how I managed to complete so little of it.  ¡Carajo!  This sucks!

But, that doesn’t mean we still can’t go through some of my list for these 12 Days of Christmas in Words… y por lo menos contemplate on them.  And besides, Anjelica has been rocking and rolling with her own holiday season series on creative gift wrapping ideas.  I know I’m a huge fan of her mad gift wrapping skills, jaja!

So had I done the full 12 days of Christmas when I was supposed to, these are some of the non-gifts that would have made the list:

The Gift of Kindness

The Gift of Laughter

The Gift of Courage

The Gift of Silence

The Gift of Honesty

The Gift of Compassion  

What other gifts would you add to the list?  Are there others that you plan on giving to your loved ones this Christmas?  I think the overall lesson for us as human beings – given the recent flood of tragedies in the media – is that life is precious.  So precious in fact, that it is never guaranteed, that it can be taken away from us in any one split second, and that we should treasure it for what it is worth every single day of our existence.  This Christmas, my hope for us all is that we can forgive and make peace with one another.  That we not leave for tomorrow what could possibly be resolved today.  That we tell our loved ones how much they truly mean to us.  And that we really mean it.  And that we find that place in each of our own lives that will lead us to our own personal joy and happiness in this world while we are here.

I wish this for you all.  And I wish this for myself.

¡Feliz Navidad familia!

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