20 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

20 Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

Here’s a fun list!  What were the most popular Hispanic baby names in 2013?  If you’re expecting, or know someone who is, this information might be especially useful and/or fun for you to share. There are a couple of babies on their way in our family, and of course, everyone […]

Raul “El Gordo” De Molina hints at immigration reform

Raul “El Gordo” De Molina hints at immigration reform

Raul “El Gordo” De Molina – Rauly – recently hinted at the need for immigration reform in his New Year’s Eve interview with HuffPost Live.  While the veteran entertainment journalist and paparazzo did not come out and demand comprehensive immigration reform, he did reference the thousands of families in the […]

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And The New Cantinflas…. Will be a Spaniard!

Well at least one person very close to the original Mexican legend himself, Mr. Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes (a.k.a. Cantinflas), has already expressed their dissatisfaction with this selection.  We’re talking about none other than Cantinflas’ own son, Mario Moreno Ivano who told members of the press recently that he would […]

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Good for Salma Hayek! Kudos to her for Standing Up to MTV

I’m kind of proud of our mexicana Salma Hayek today for refusing to pre-record a video acceptance speech for April’s MTV Movie Awards. She was nominated for the category of Best Latin Actor for her role in Savages, but refused to record an acceptance speech just in case she would […]

¡Ay María Qué Puntería!

I’ve missed her tremendously since her days on classic Mexican films like Tonta, tonta, pero no tanto, ¡Pobre, pero honrada!, Okey, Mister Pancho, and my personal favorite, Ni de aquí, ni de alla.  Her latest stint on telenovela Corazón Indomable has been a true pleasure to watch and reminisce on.   Here’s […]

Jalapeño is the New Green!

It is actually!  Crayola made it official this past Sunday when they unveiled the new name of the color green suggested by one of their more than one million fans on Facebook.  They’re celebrating their 110th anniversary and Jalapeño happens to be a part of the special Limited Edition Crayon Pack […]