It’s A Man’s World. But It Wouldn’t Be Nothing… Without Women!

dad 2.0 summit recap juanofwords
Hoo-rah! Dad 2.0 was a blast!!

Well we like to pretend it is anyway.  I don’t know why I chose that particular title… other than for the fact that I do like the song.  In any event, the truth is there was also a very clever lyric-related title that inspired me.  It was written by Betty Heisler of and since I first read it a couple of weeks ago it has been ever so true to its musical roots.  Yes, you guessed it.  I have not been able to get that damn song out of my head!  Which is also kind of how I feel about the subject matter of that article, and now my own: the Dad 2.0 Summit.

As  a precursor to this post I should also state that from the beginning of my blogger career – we can call it a career, verdad? – the ladies of the blogosphere have always treated me like un merito Rey!!  I just want to make that clarification and add how grateful I am and will always be to you ladies for embracing me so warmly from day one before I go into the following gushing review of how DAMN GOOD it felt to finally be around so many other men bloggers for the first time in my entire life!

It was like a friggin adrenaline rush!

All of a sudden it was all about testosterone, beer, beef, pampering us guys, and parenting as 21st Century fathers.  It was a beauty of a conference, it was.  The Dad 2.0 Summit, which I was fortunate enough to attend at the beginning of this month here in Houston.  Woot!  Woot!  Shout out to Houston for getting to kick ass conferences back to back.  If you’ll recall we had the LATISM 2012 Conference here in Houston last October too.

Everything from the food (as I mentioned before), the drinks (also mentioned before), the sponsors, the speakers, the breakout sessions, EVERYTHING was specifically catered for us, el sexo fuerte.  ¡Okei, Okei, no me maten, jajaja!  Topics covered included: Can Parenting Ever Truly Be Gender-Neutral?  Cross-Cultural Communication And Its Effect On The American Understanding of Fatherhood.  How to Turn Your Social Media Expertise into a Full-Time Job.  And many, many more.  Anjelica attended the conference with me and got plenty out of it as well.

dad 2.0 summit recap juanofwords
Los Metiches at Dad 2.0 Summit.

Oh and guess what… no wardrobe malfunction this time around! Ha ha!!

We’re both already looking forward to Dad 3.0!!

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One thought on “It’s A Man’s World. But It Wouldn’t Be Nothing… Without Women!

  1. No wardrobe malfunction? Cuenta, cuenta!

    Seriously though. I’m glad you all could attend. Tell us more about the break out sessions and tell me why I should encourage more male bloggers to attend.

    La Mexicana

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