A Very Special Plea, From a DREAMer!

Jose Luis Zelaya dreamer dream beanies raising money for college crocheting juanofwords
Jose Luis Zelaya with one of the educators who inspired him.

I met Jose Luis Zelaya this year.  From that very first moment I knew he had a dream.  It was and still is to be a teacher in this country.  The self-described DREAMer, has quite literally picked himself up out of homelessness in Honduras (at age 13) to earning his bachelors degree from a renowned four year university in the United States, to now pursuing his masters degree in education from Texas A&M.  Only now, Jose Luis needs your help more than ever.  I’ll let him tell you why himself in this video:

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In this season of giving, please consider making a contribution to one of our own up-and-coming young leaders in the Latino community.

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