La India María is Coming Back to Televisión!!

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La India María in Corazón Indomable. (photo by Televisa)

Okey, Mister Pancho!  It’s true.  It’s true.  It really is true!  My beloved María Elena Velasco is bringing her larger than life alter ego – a.k.a. La India María – back to the small screen, in of all things, a refrito of the mega-popular Televisa production Marimar.  Yes, the same Marimar that propelled Thalia into international telenovela stardom long before she was the millionaire wife of Mr. Tommy Mottola.

According to Televisa, who of course is the one producing the new version of Marimar, or Corazón Indomable as the network has titled the telenovela now in production, La India María will play herself as one of the supporting actors.  ¡Orale, I love that!  Ana Brenda Contreras plays the lead alongside galán Daniel Arenas.

I’ve been staying away from novelas on purpose for the last couple of months.  They are way too addicting for me!  I won’t even go into that now, but this one might just might bring me back around.  Sadly for Univision, and for the rest of us who will anxiously be awaiting the return of our Mexican heroine en huaraches and trenzas de liston, it looks like it may be a minute or a couple of months before we get to see Corazón Indomable. 

There are at least two other telenovelas that will have to begin and end before Corazón, and more importantly La India María, will debut on small screen across the US.  ¡Ay, Filemón… pos hay que esperar!  No hay de otra.

I can’t wait!

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