Should Mun2 Air The Final Season Of Jenni Rivera’s Reality Show?

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La Diva De La Banda.

I’ll be honest.  This makes me kind of cringe.  Como que todavía it’s too soon for another new season of I Love Jenni, especially when it will feature the posthumous Diva De La Banda in the days leading up to her tragic accident on December 9th.  Maybe it’s just me… but something about it feels a little morbid.  I also felt that the Jenni Rivera special from Univision this past weekend was right on the fence of being inappropriate too.  I think it’s too soon for anyone to be interviewing or filming her children about how they are coping with their mother’s passing.

How is that any of our business?

But again that may just be me.

I mean, wrong or right, my way of looking at it is that it is one thing to remember Jenni Rivera from the music she left for the world already.  Or all of the other seasons of I Love Jenni up until now.  Or the countless other media interviews, pictures and videos that she participated in before her death.  But it’s another thing completely to air something so personal as her life in this reality show.  And don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of I Love Jenni from the beginning.  But part of the reason why I was always such a fan of the show was precisely because she allowed us to see so much of her in such a personal light.  I don’t know that I’m ready for that again.

Honestly, I will be skipping this season for any of the foreseeable future.

I Love Jenni‘s third and final season will air on Mun2 beginning on April 14th.  According to the network it will include final footage of Jenni and current footage of her family as they rebuild their lives.

What do you think?

Will you be watching?

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One thought on “Should Mun2 Air The Final Season Of Jenni Rivera’s Reality Show?

  1. Its kinda scary and very sad to me. I love this lady! I love her music and videos very much. But, I do agree with the writer of this article. Ut just seems too soon. Just like the promp pic for the new season….they are all smiles! They look very happy in a weird way. I know how it s to lose your mother. It is such a terrible and horrible loss. I am sure it just adds more pain when its from something tragic. Jenni died very tragically, as we all know. How can her family do this, only nearly three months since this happened? Whats to be so happy about? I could not stop crying for years, seriously. But the intial months after my mothers passing, I was a complete mess. Maybe its just me too, I dont know, but it seems so wrong.

    I dont know if I can watch. I can listen to her music, watch her live performance videos and even look at pictures, but watching the show just makes me feel so sad. I am just a fan, but I can honestly say that Jenni Riveras passing has defintely left a sadness in my heart.

    She made me proud. I am always proud to be Mexican American, but she was really a source of pride. Lije the episode of the show, where she goes back to her old neighborhood and yjat lady calls her “The Pride Of Long Beach”. It was the truth. She made many people PROUD! R.I.P. Jenni….Mija!

    I d

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