Confessions of a telenovela addict

Ever been hooked on a telenovela? I mean so bad that you’re binge watching episode after episode when you miss a couple of them on any given week. Where you can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode because you’re so emotionally involved with the show that you’re actually planning some of your evenings around the darn thing. 

Well, even though we swore off telenovelas after the last one, the past couple of months we’ve been totally hooked on El Hotel de los Secretos. Yes, it’s a telenovela and it is SO GOOD!! 

The good news is it’s coming to an end this Friday. Finally. Although we are a little bit sad about that. The real sad thing is that we’re kind of already hooked on the next telenovela that will be starting as soon as this one is over. 

I’m telling you. The marketing on these things is crazy good. 

The other thing though that is kind of cool about this obsession is that we all end up watching the telenovela together as a family. And that kind of makes it all okay! 

Now back to my stories!! 

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